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Squid Games: Why You Need To Watch Right Now

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Since Squid Games’ release on September 17th, 2021, it has quickly become one of the most watched shows to have ever been released on Netflix. The show centers around the life of a father who has become financially unstable due to a gambling addiction. In a moment of desperation, he decides to join the Squid Games, a competition between hundreds of players where the prize is millions of dollars. However, upon playing the first game- red light, green light- they realize that not only are they playing for the money, they are playing for their lives. But the intense plot and storyline is not the only thing that this show has to offer. 

One of the most fascinating things about this show is the ideas in which it offers on society. There is a moment in the show where a group decision leads to all of the players leaving the game, thereby sparing the lives of themselves and others. However, only after a few days, they decide to return. This is because many of the players have begun to realize that they are better off staying in the games than toughing it out in the ‘real world’. The idea that risking their lives is better and easier than finding jobs and making money in the real world is a fascinating critique of our modern society. 

Furthermore, the show also discusses the ideal of wealth. There has been a long lasting misconception in our society that wealth is the equivalent of happiness, and although I believe I would be happier with a little more money, I know that once a person has too much money it becomes meaningless. That is the central idea of this show. A person’s happiness should not be dependent on the amount of money they have accumulated. 

That is why I believe this show is worth every bit of attention it has received. It isn’t the plot, or the storyline, or the amazing cast of characters. It is the messages in which so many people have yet to learn within our society. 

Emily Crain

Endicott '24

English Secondary Education Major Gender Studies Minor
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