Spring To-Do List

Spring is here! I guess the famous saying, “April showers bring May flowers” is true... it has rained at least a little almost all this week! While I was listening to the beautiful rainfall, I came up with a fun list of ideas I want to accomplish this spring. Maybe it will spark some ideas for you!


  1. 1. Go on a Walk

    The other day my mom and I went for a walk around my neighborhood and we took in all the fresh air!

  2. 2. Eat Ice Cream

    I sometimes find myself doing this too often...Visit your favorite ice cream shop on a nice sunny day!

  3. 3. Have a Family Game Night

    The other night my family and I went out to dinner and then we played a fun game of yahtzee! I promise you that you will share some laughs and smiles!

  4. 4. Dye Easter Eggs

    Easter is coming up, why not celebrate with some egg coloring?


  5. 5. Spring Cleaning!

    Go through all those clothes that you keep setting aside and donate them to Goodwill...someone in need will thank you :)

  6. 6. Watch the Sunrise

    Since it is warm out, maybe try going for an early morning run and watch the beautiful sunrise to jumpstart your morning!