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Ahhh, so the time has finally come..SPRING BREAK! This week long break has been well waited for and you deserve some time to rest, relax, and regather. There are so many different ways you can treat yourself during this time, so choose a way that will make your mind, body, and soul happy!

Go on a vacation

Get in some Vitamin D with some nice tropical sun and get your tan on. Florida, Cancun, and the Bahamas are some of the most common places I’ve heard of people going to this year.

Visit your friends at their schools

If you and your friends’ spring breaks are not at the same time, take this break to visit them while they are at school and vise versa!

Hangout with friends

For your friends that do not go to the same school as you and are on the same break time frame, hangout with them! Go on random adventures and see where life takes you!


Have a spa day

Whether it is mani-pedis, a facial, a DIY face mask, teeth whitening, or a massage, have a day to yourself, girlfriend. You deserve some relaxation in your life.

Hangout with family

Something I am a big fan of, is family nights. With my brother and I still being in college, and my other brother and parents’ crazy work schedules, family dinners are sadly pretty rare. Take this time to catch up with loved ones and make some fun memories together! My brothers and I always look forward to having our “sibling nights” to catch up and have fun.



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