Shopbop: Where your Women Crush Definitely Shops

Fashion envy is a big factor of who my woman crush of the week, month, year or of all time are. I use my Instagram Saved, like Cher in Clueless uses that laptop to pick out her outfits. In that looking through all my favorite girls to follow, I always wondered where these amazing clothes were coming from. Then with the help of online magazine and overall great community, Man Repeller, I found the shopping site Shopbop. 

Shopbop is like a kind of Nordstrom store where its a bunch of designers that you may know and some you may don’t know. It's all online though, and is actually a company owned by Amazon, so your prime works with it as well. That helps because Shopbop is pricey. I don’t really make any purchases on the site, but prom and just a fancy event this is a perfect site to go to when you want a one of a kind splurge. Although, their heart section I love because you can just save everything and maybe I’ll buy it, maybe I never will, but a girl can dream. 

Here are 5 things currently in my heart section of Shopbop: