Review of "Lizzo's Cuz I Love You"

If you have not heard of Lizzo before her newest record and debut album than you are truly missing out. Her first hit, which you probably know of, was Good as Hell that is the self love anthem that has been in many movies and television shows. Lizzo is the queen of self love and being your true self which she spreads not only on her Instagram, but this new album. She comes with summer jams or power ballads that are all coming to be added to your playlists after reading.

The Tracklist:

  1. 1. Cuz I Love You

    This was the second single on the album, and listening to even the first five seconds shows the power Lizzo has. Her voice is so powerful that you really feel her passion about feeling conflicted with love in your heart. This song is totally one to get an epic shower performance to during some sad boy hours.

  2. 2. Like A Girl

    Girl. Power. Are the only words to describe this song. This song is about running your life and honestly everything about being a girl. Listening to this will make you want to get up and just have a Women’s March all on your own. It is a perfect addition to your getting ready playlist on girls nights this summer.

  3. 3. Juice

    This was the albums first single that dropped in March. As soon as I heard this, I know Lizzo was no one hit wonder with Good as Hell. She is going to be an Icon. This is in fact an elevated version on Good as Hell about your ‘Juice’. After hearing this song your just feel like the baddest bitch.

  4. 4. Soulmate

    My favorite song on the album is this song about loving yourself and being your own soulmate. This is such a good, positive summer song that I will definitely be waking up to this song every day. The message is so needed that other songs usually skip around. Lizzo is no person to do that you can always count on her to be honest about what it is like to be a women today.

  5. 5. Jerome

    Another love power ballad about what it is really about be an independent woman in a relationship. Jerome could literally be anyone, but everyone definitely has one. This is a super vulnerable song, but still has the confidence that Lizzo puts into every song that is infectious.

  6. 6. Crybaby

    A song like this feels like it would be played in a some saloon in a movie. It just gives you great funky vibes. The lyrics remind me of Fergie’s Big Girls Don’t Cry, but she is in fact saying the opposite. Big girls should cry, and honestly like the rest of the album I am here for the message. Seeing this song live would probably be the best from what I've seen at her past concerts on her Instagram story.

  7. 7. Tempo (feat. Missy Elliott)

    This collaboration is her biggest club song on the album. It literally bumps through your headphones or speakers. It’s about embracing your curves and just dancing your heart out. Missy Elliott and Lizzo definitely have the same kind of energy which creates a perfect collaboration.

  8. 8. Exactly How I Feel (feat. Gucci Mane)

    A true jam is what this song is because it's a perfect song to dance around in your room to or in the car with all of your friends. Both Lizzo and Gucci Mane’s lyrics are SO good in this song, it matches the super fun beat perfectly. This is my second favorite song of the new ones off the album. I’ve been listening to it a bunch to get me hype when finals are draining.

  9. 9. Better in Color

    Coming right off a Homecoming by Beyonce being released on Netflix this song creates the same vibe. It’s a song about black power and how love looks better in color. My favorite lyric in this song that is very Lizzo is “Bitch don’t label me."

  10. 10. Heaven Help Me

    This song was one that grew on me because I initially didn't love it. But the beat is just too good, and the lyrics grow on you. It is definitely a relatable song when relationships and just life in general gets to be too much you just have to scream in this power ballad Heaven Help Me.

  11. 11. Lingerie

    Lizzo takes you through this journey and ends on a chill note which is perfect. Lingerie is a love song about someone but also about herself and her body. The level of confidence in this song with Lizzo is a level I want to reach one day, and listening to this album will probably help.

I love Lizzo, and this album is just wanted I needed at this point in my life. Seeing Lizzo live is now my new goal,  since I listen to it at the start of each day. In my opinion, Lizzo’s message is definitely one of the best of any artists working right now!