Reasons To Love VSCO

Reasons To Love VSCO

By Mya Kermelewicz


For those of you who are not familiar with VSCO, it is an app created by the American company Visual Supply Company. It allows users to capture photos, and edit them. People can publish their photos through a journal for the public, as well as republish other’s posts. It’s different from twitter, facebook, and instagram in a few ways that make a huge difference. So much so that it has become my favorite social media platform even though it is probably the most underrated. This article is basically just me promoting VSCO because I love it that much and want to share my thoughts so maybe you can find love in it too.


It’s a platform of self love, creativity, and girl power.

VSCO is mainly used by girls, although there are males it is more uncommon. It’s just this whole other world where girls are posting empowering and authentic photos. You really don’t have to worry about creepy boys DMing you or think about what you’re posting because it’s all girls just supporting and reposting each other. Self-love is promoted everywhere with quotes, photos of girls feeling boujee and confident, fun and adventurous activities their doing, and bath bombs/facemasks selfies. You can be a little more scandalous of yourself and others are just going to hype you up. Going on vsco just makes me feel genuinely good and empowered.



There is no comparison

Unlike other social media platforms there are no comments, and favorites and followers are not visible to the public. There is no number telling you how many followers, favorites, or republishes you or anyone else has, there are no numbers to compare yourself to others. You can honestly just scroll through photos and enjoy without feeling insecure about anything.



There is no “right” or “wrong”

When it comes to posting photos on instagram or facebook people usually post at certain times to get the most amount of likes or views. Everything is usually thought out, and you take your time to edit photos exactly how you want because you know they are going to be seen and judged. You probably won’t post more than two photos a day otherwise you will be deemed annoying and possibly unfollowed. On VSCO there is no specific time to post a photo and you can post as many as you want with no judgement. I post five or six in the middle of the night sometimes because it just doesn’t matter and that’s when I’m feeling it.



It can be extremely personal

VSCO isn’t just photos of you trying to show your ‘best life’ to everyone but instead you can post quotes that speak to you, anonymous screenshots of cute or funny text messages, favorite movie or tv show clips, music lyrics, or literally just anything you want. You can make it as artistic and creative as you want, or you can post a million selfies and again nobody cares. It’s only positive feedback. Looking into a girls VSCO page you can definitely find out a lot about them and their desires, hobbies, favorites, etc.