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Party Idea: Book Swap

Are you and your friends all book lovers? Well, if you are this is a perfect, and free party idea.


Recently, my friend came up with the idea to have a book swap. We all got together and came with books that we have already read and thought others may enjoy. It was a super awesome idea because we all left with multiple books that we had never read before but had been enjoyed by their previous owners. We also were catching up after being away from each other at school for months and eating some pizza. It’s the perfect way to get together after being apart for so long, plus we are all book nerds and super excited for more material to read. 


It’s nice that something so simple can be so fun. Being the broke college students we are, this was a very creative way of getting together and spending time together. I know we are planning on doing more of these in the future as it is nice to get free books and be able to share why you loved the books you’re giving away. 


Things you will need:

1. Your besties

2. Some books you have read and would recommend to others 

3. A system for how you’re going to swap books

4. Food (optional but come who doesn’t love parties with food?!)

5. Little sticky notes to put on each book with reasons why you recommend it


That is really all you need to have fun with a book swap. Of course, there are ways to go over the top at any party and it’s always super fun to go all out. If you choose to have a party with your friends please share some pictures, we would love to see them! 


Bridget LaSelva

Endicott '21

Education Major at Endicott College
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