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Old Fashion Trends That Are Making a Comeback

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Have you ever felt like you recognize new fashion trends and wonder where you know them from? Well, the answer is most likely simple: they were in style in past decades but have since made a comeback and are popular once again. While this may come as a surprise to some, it makes sense when you think about it. Newer generations are taking inspiration for their style from past generations. Nowadays, many of these recycled trends are being combined with current trends to create unique and never-before-seen fashion looks. 

To start, let’s take a look at some old trends from the 1970s that are coming back. The 70s were known for discos and fun dancing. The clothing was colorful and often patterned. Groovy floral prints have definitely become more popular, especially among teenagers. You can find this pattern on anything from pants to phone cases. Another 70s trend that is back in style is bell-bottom pants and shirts. Their eye-catching silhouettes are crucial, especially in the colder months. 70s accessories have also become cool again, specifically sunglasses. These days, sunglass lenses come in all shapes and colors, with many lenses only offering slight color and not a complete tint, just like in the past. 

Now, let’s dive into fashion from the 80s. This decade was known for its funky music and “retro” lifestyle. 80s fashion is remembered for its neon color block jackets, cut-off or cropped sweatshirts, and denim-on-denim. Color block jackets have made a huge comeback since the 80s. Although they were most often neon back then, these days they come in all shades, including neutrals and pastels. They are worn by men, women, and even toddlers. Cropped sweatshirts were huge in the 80s. They were most often worn with high-waisted jeans (which have also come back in style). They were worn by men and women, although these days, they are more common among women. In today’s world, sweatshirts aren’t the only cropped clothing item. Pretty much any shirt can be found cropped. Many women will pair their cropped tops with leggings or jeans. Back in the 80s, denim-on-denim, also known as the Canadian tuxedo, was hugely popular. Many women would pair jeans with denim jackets that were usually the same wash as their pants. In current times, denim-on-denim is once again considered cool, although there was some time in between where it was not as “acceptable” to wear. 

Finally, onto the 1990s, which were popular for hip-hop/rap music, sitcom shows, and lots of pop culture. Some key 90s fashion trends included joggers, mom jeans, and Dr. Martens boots. In the 90s, joggers were typically colorful and often patterned. Now, they are not quite the same, but their silhouette is definitely popular once again. They are great for lounging around, exercising, and day-to-day life. As for mom jeans, they are either mid-rise or high-waisted and are more flattering than low-rise jeans. They are back in style, with skinny jeans becoming less popular. They are looser in the legs than skinny jeans. Dr. Martens boots first came out in the 1960s but weren’t popular until the 90s. These boots are more popular now than ever, and they are available in several styles, colors, and finishes. They are great for fall and winter but are worn all year long if desired.

Eva Psiakis

Endicott '25

I am a freshman Endicott College student majoring in Entrepreneurship! I am especially interested in fashion and I aspire to own a consignment store post-college!
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