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Not Your Average Gull’s Dorm Essentials

After two years of college, I am no expert. But, I am sharing my checklist on the down essentials that I have been using from what I actually used/needed. Some items are linked to some of my favorite recommendations.

  1. 1. Bedding

    Queen Size Comforter – to cover up what is under the bed and/or good for bed burritos 

    Jersey Bed Sheets 

    Throw Pillows (in all sizes) – for sitting up in bed and to rest your laptop on when it’s in your lap 

    Mattress Topper 

    Bed Bugs Mattress Protector – stay ready for the worst because you truly never know

    A Stool – when you can’t just jump up on your bed

  2. 2. Bath

    A Hotel-Like Robe – comfy for lounging around

    A Caddy, obviously 

    Backups of everything (aka buy in bulk) 

    Hand Soap


  3. 3. Desk

  4. 4. Kitchen

    A Brita 

    Cold Brew Bottle – better than just cooling a Keurig coffee because do we really want hot coffee all the time?

    Storage with a lid for snacks (to keep everything fresh) 

    A bowl for fruit (Always used mine for clementines) 


    Dish Drying Mat 

    Dish Soap

  5. 5. Storage

    Rolling Shelves 

    Shoe Rack 

    Sweatshirt Bin 

    Two Plastic Drawer Storage – One of extra towels, sheets, etc then a smaller other one for all beauty, or medicine items. 

    Hanging Jewelry Organizer

  6. 6. Cleaning



    Disinfecting wipes 

    Fly Swatter – again, you never know 

  7. 7. Decoration


    Fan (window and a small one for desk) 

    Extra light 

    Jewelry Plate 


    Picture Frames 

    Extra seating furniture