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My Spring Break In Cali

Looking to my left I could see the alluring waves crashing into the shore filled with hippie campers and sun kissed beauties. Turning my head it was like a whole other world where the mountains are painted all colors of greens and orange with cows and horses grazing the open land. I was beginning to think I have found my perfect escape, as my head was cleared from all the stresses back at home.

On the way to my boyfriend’s military base, my heart was racing because it had been a few months since I had seen him or even heard his voice. The countdown on my phone was finally done and I was ready to jump into my handsome man’s arms. Luckily his mom is an angel and came with me to see him which was amazing because we got to stay on base with him and bond. Being able to see where he works and lives on base was an incredible feeling because it helps me to understand even more of his life and all that he goes through every day. I feel like I have even more respect for him and everyone else who serves our country.

The first couple days were rainy out so we stayed on base and had movie days which was much needed cuddle time for the both of us. I forgot how much I missed just being able to lay with him and that comforting warm feeling flooded into me again. Every time we are together it feels as if we were never apart. I’m going through some serious depression this week not being able to cuddle up with him anytime I want.


After most of the rain was gone we traveled into LA for the next couple days that he had off for work. This was the perfect time for me to try out my Her Campus Spring Survival Kit! Since the weather was rough, and it typically makes my hair frizz I got to use Bed Head’s “Get twisted” anti-frizz finishing spray and it worked like a charm! I was obsessing over the fact that there was even the slightest possibility of meeting a Kardashian. I mean I was stalking them on social media, tracking their every move just hoping we could accidentally, on purpose, bump into them. We even went so far as to take a visit to Kris Jenner’s house in the Hidden Hollywood Hills, where of course we drove by multiple times just trying to see some movement at the house. Unfortunately, we did not meet a Kardashian. BUT we visited the celebrity stars on Hollywood Boulevard, and the Hollywood sign which was still breathtaking.

Later we visited Rodeo drive where we were surrounded by all designer everything. I couldn’t tell if I felt filthy rich pretending as if I could afford any of it, or just straight poor realizing I couldn’t afford anything. We ended the couple days with the perfect little date night at a cute restaurant on the marina. I wore a long maxi dress that had shades of pink in it so I was able to try out the Almay eyeshadow pallet “Meet Your Squad” and it came out the perfect shimmer that lasted all night as well as the Buxom Va Va Plump lipstick “Wine Me.” It was a pretty yet casual summer look, and I loved it (so did my date!;)) .

Throughout the week we also took a couple day trips into Santa Barbara, and Solvang. Solvang was a quaint town but mostly only had breweries and wineries and not much else to do. Although slightly boring we spiced things up by stopping at an ostrich farm on the way back to the base. They were wild! I had never been that close to one before I couldn’t help just laughing at the awkward animals running around.

Santa Barbara was a beautiful area with affordable and cute shops, an alluring beach, and more. I was in love and decided that I would honestly live on the beach there even if I couldn’t afford to rent a place and had to live in a tent. Everynight was the perfect bonding time for my boyfriends mom and I, because he worked night shifts the whole time we were there. We drank wine, snacked, watched American Idol, and just talked about everything that came to mind. I feel so much closer and connected to their family than ever before which is the best feeling in the world. It has always been really important to me to have both our family’s support and involvement in our relationship. I think that makes the relationship healthier and stronger. Overall, it was an amazing experience to go visit my boyfriend and spend so much time with him and his mom. I am forever grateful for last week, and I cannot wait for the next time I get to see him.


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