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My Love for the Treadmill Strut Workout

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Endicott chapter.

As a female college student very much interested in fitness, TikTok has been an unanticipated source of education and inspiration for all things exercise-related. The ability to find endless workouts of varying intensities and receive exercise tips directly from college-aged females with similar fitness goals as myself, all within a few clicks, has been incredibly convenient in my journey to improving my physical and mental health. Being able to watch how to perform each exercise without skipping through a lengthy YouTube video and just being able to search up workouts for any skill level is a unique advantage of getting your workouts from TikTok.

During this past summer, a friend of mine sent me a link to TikTok by a user named Allie Bennett (@benntheredonethat). In this video, Bennett was on a treadmill strutting to a list of songs from Mamma Mia, which is one of my favorite movies of all time. Yet, what made this workout special was that with each change of song on the Spotify playlist, the pace of the walk increased by .1 miles per hour. For example, the workout started with “Why Does it Have to Be Me?” with the pace set at 3.6 miles per hour. A few songs later, “Voulez-Vous” would be strutted to at 4 miles per hour. Essentially, Bennett sets the pace based on the tempo of the music.

I love these workouts because they are simple, easy, and most importantly, fun! One of the great things about this high-energy workout is anyone can do it, regardless of fitness level. Being able to blast music and strut down a treadmill is not only a greater form of exercise, but also a major confidence booster, as you really feel like a baddie by the end of the workout! Bennett has made treadmill strut workouts with top songs from Dua Lipa, Harry Styles, Doja Cat, Lizzo, High School Musical, Hannah Montana, and many more. Her most famous workout, which has acquired almost four million views, is thirty-six minutes of pure Taylor Swift bangers. Bennett is incredible because she is constantly creating new playlists based on the wishes of her viewers. I definitely recommend trying one of her workouts, which can be accessed by checking out her Tiktok or Linktree. Happy strutting!

Lauren Nielson

Endicott '25

Hello! My name is Lauren and I am the Editor in Chief and Co-Campus Correspondent for Her Campus at Endicott College. I hope you enjoy reading my articles!