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My Food Bucket List

Traveling is one of my favorite things to do whether its around the country or around the world. Trying new foods in different parts of the world is one of the best parts. Here’s my food bucket list hopefully it gives you some ideas of some new foods to try!



Nothing beats the elegance of eating a croissant on the patio of a little cafe in Paris or trying one of France’s most popular desserts, macrons. And of course trying a French baguette and crepes is a must. 


Southern Food  

Soul food is known for its homey feel and I can’t wait to travel to states like Georgia, Kentucky Alabama, and Tennessee to try to chicken and waffles, grits, cornbread and lots of other tasty foods. 


New Orleans

I would love to try the traditional Louisiana dishes, gumbo and jambalaya, especially in New Orleans which is somewhere I really wanna go. 


Vietnamese Pho 

I love pho and I would love to try some authentic Vietnamese pho. 


Over the Top Milkshake

Crazy, over the top milkshakes have upped the milkshake game and I definitley wanna try one. 


Pierogies in Poland   

These delicious dumplings are definitley on my list and where better to try them than Poland. 



I am going to Switzerland in a few months and I can’t wait to try all the Swiss cheese and chocolate! 



Belgium has many delicious foods including the famous belgian waffles and chocolate and frites (fries) that are served with mayo. 




Greek food is delicious and I would love to go to Greece and try some. Some of my favorites are gyros, moussaka and one of my favorite desserts, baklava. 




I am planning on studying abroad in Italy next spring and I can’t wait to try all the delicious foods including the many types of pasta and pizza, yummy risotto, and lots of desserts like tirimisu, cannolis and gelato!



Going to Japan would be perfect to try some delicious, authentic ramen. 


Hong Kong  

Dim sum, Chinese dumplings, sound delicious and are a must try item for when I travel to Asia. 


Deep Dish Pizza in Chicago 

I live in Connecticut near New Haven, which is famous for its pizza and I am also close to NY which also has amazing pizza, but still I would love to try some deep dish pizza in Chicago. 


Philly Cheese Steak in Philadelphia

You can’t go to Philly without trying a cheesesteak! Well actually I did. Whoops! When I was younger I went to Philly with my dad and grandpa and we saw the Phillies baseball team play. Back then I was a picky eater so I did not try a cheesesteak. Now, I have a much broader palette and will definitelty go back one day to try one. 


Have Afternoon Tea in England

One of my favorite shows is Downton Abbey so a goal of mine is to have a fancy afternoon tea with finger sandwhiches in England. 

Musuem of Ice Cream NYC  

The Museum of Ice Cream in NYC is an interactive museum. In my opinion, ice cream is by far the best warm weather treat so visitng this museum would be really cool (pun intended). 


Murder Mystery Dinner  

Theres always the classic dinner and a movie but murder mystery dinners bring it to a whole new level. 


Ithaa Underwater Restaurant          

At this restaurant in the Maldives, you can eat underwater. Sign me up! 


Here are a few things I’ve already checked off my food bucket list that may give you some inspiration for your own food bucket list:  

Jamon Iberico, Paella, Calamari and tapas and churros and chocolate in Spain

Last year I went to Spain and had the best time and the best food including paella, calamari, tapas and churros with chocolate. But the number one thing to try while in Spain and my absolute favorite food is the jamon iberico. Jamon iberico (Iberian ham) is similar to proscuitto and is special because the pigs that its made from are only fed acorns. 


A few years ago I went on a trip down the Danube River. I went to Budapest, Hungary, Bratislava, Slovakia, Vienna, Austria, Salzburg, Austria, Durnstein, Austria and Passau, Germany. I also tried many delicious and native foods. I had gulash in Budepest, wiener schnitzel in Vienna, Mozart chocolate, which is famous for its marzipan center, in Salzburg, and pretzels and bratwurst in Germany. 


I have been to Quebec, Canada multiple times and one of their famous dishes is poutine. Poutine is fries topped with gravy and cheese curds and it is delicious. There are also a lot of variations on it as well. 


Since I live in New Engand and go to school near Boston, I have tried lots of clam chowder or chowdah as some would say. I love clam chowder and not the weird New York one with tomatoes in it but the real New Engand clam chowder. I have made it my mission to try all the best chowders in New England which are usually at places close to the water. 


Hi my name is Elizabeth Dooher. I am a junior at Endicott College studying hospitality management. I enjoy running, reading, baking, traveling and hanging out with friends.
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