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Hi friends!!!

This article is for my fellow gulls. As I approach the end of my fall semester of junior year at Endicott College (#what!!), I wanted to compile all my favorite classes that I’ve taken! These classes range from gen eds, to major requirements, to simply random courses! These classes are also offered beyond fall and spring semesters (as you can take courses over winter and summer break too!) So, if you’re interested, or need some guidance on which courses to take in the future, look no further, I gotchu.

American Pop Culture (AMS 101)

I loved this course (even though it was only for 3 weeks as I took this over last winter break) but I had so much fun with it! It was discussion-based (so no zooms or anything) and it was really fun to read all of the different ideas and opinions my classmates had. I took this course for my world cultures Gen Ed. I also really liked that I got to write about Harry Styles, Lady Gaga, food, and The Black Panther in depth- some of my favorite people + things (lol). Professor Peter Jenner was very clear about his instructions and assignments, and was easy to communicate with! Would absolutely recommend and take again.

Intro to Photographic Imaging (PHT 116)

I am currently in this class, and I couldn’t recommend it MORE! I truly believe all types of people and all major will thrive in this class, despite their knowledge about cameras and photography. I like how this class can be taken by anyone at any point in their college career, and can take this course as a requirement for an aesthetic awareness Gen Ed if need be. It’s always a relaxing, creative, and very supportive environment, which is so important to have for an entry-level class. As mentioned before, it’s okay to have no previous knowledge about the course, as you learn throughout the semester. We do some really fun activities like using slow shutter speed in a pitch-black room with light sabers to create some awesome light movement photos. Overall, I am going to miss this class, as I got to work one-on-one with my professor to get feedback on my photographs and my editing skills. Additionally, Professor Mark Gooby is one of the kindest professors I’ve ever had, and I learned so much from him. Now more than ever, I want to have my own camera so I can continue to pursue photography. Prof. Gooby is the kind of professor everyone dreams of having :)

Literature for Children (ENG 312)

This is another course I took outside of my normal fall / spring semester schedule, as I took it over the summer. Despite it being a summer course, I genuinely enjoyed this course more than I expected. I took this course for a Literary Perspectives Gen Ed, but don’t let that fool you, this class is great.This course allowed me to reminisce on my favorite childhood books, and why they were important to me. If you like reading or talking about your favorite children books, this is a fantastic course to take. Professor Sara Quay is such a lovely person to work with and wants all her students to expand their knowledge and have fun. The work load wasn’t too bad and the assignments where spread out so I was able to actually enjoy + work over the summer too!!

Approaches To Secondary Education (ED 125)

If you are even the slightest bit curious in education or becoming a teacher, this course is a great way to test out the waters. I was questioning whether or not I should pursue education for a hot moment, but this class was a great introduction to all education courses at Endicott. Professor Reynolds was my first official professor at Endicott and I can confidently speak on behalf of other students who have had him that he is truly one of the most beloved professors at the entire college. Anyone who is lucky enough to experience a class with him is truly #blessed. He is a hilarious, approachable, kind, and BEYOND knowledgable human- there’s endless of things to learn from him. Highly recommend this course (or any course) with Prof. Reynolds… you won’t regret it. Plus, you might even want to be a teacher after taking this class… That’s how inspiring and passionate he is.

Arts Administration (ART 265)

Although this class has a simple title, I learned so much within this course. As an art major, it can be difficult to see the full spectrum of job opportunities that come within our field, so this class explored a wide variety of jobs, roles, internship options and ideas. It was straight forward, simple, fun, and research-based, so you could focus on topics that interested you! Plus, it was taught by the one and only Dean, Mark Towner, who is a ray of sunshine.

Foundations of Creative Arts Therapies (ART 110)

This class, taught by the magical and wonderful Professor, Krystal Demaine, is such a fun class. I took this my freshman year, and I had the best time in it. We explored a bunch of mediums, looked deeper into how therapy and certain aspects of it can really make a difference for certain populations. This class was so awesome that I pursued my minor in creative arts therapy (also known as CAT). This is an art-related class so I believe it could fulfill an aesthetic awareness gen ed!

All in all, there are so many courses I have enjoyed taking at Endicott, but by far, these are some of my favorites :) Hope you enjoyed and I hope you look into taking these classes if you’re interested!


Seal Potas

Selia Potas

Endicott '23

Hi friends! My name is Seal, I'm currently the President of Her Campus, and I'm so excited you're here!! I'm a junior art education major with a concentration in secondary education and a minor in creative arts therapy at Endicott College in Beverly, MA!