Miss Rhode Island is an Endicott Student!

 Did you know that the reigning Miss Rhode Island is a student at Endicott College? Molly Andrade is currently a junior, studying business management, AND she is Miss Rhode Island. Molly is preparing for the Miss America pageant in December, but she sat down with me to talk a little about pageant life and her years at Endicott. Molly also confided some of her beauty secrets, but you’ll have to read to the end of the article to find out!

Molly is originally from Middletown, RI.  She attended public high school where she played volleyball for four years, and also competed in Irish step dancing.  Her dad was a professor and baseball coach at Salve Regina, so I wanted to know, Why Endicott?


  1. 1. How did you choose Endicott, while growing up basically at Salve?

    Molly: So that was probably the most interesting thing. Growing up, I would walk the Salve campus because my dad was the baseball coach there, and a professor. And my mom attended Salve, so my family is totally team Salve. When I would walk the Salve campus, when I was younger I'm like, "oh my gosh this is going to be my home one day", and then I realized it is five minutes from my house! It is a great place but for me I wanted a little bit more independence, and while searching for schools, everyone always says, "Endicott is the Salve of the North Shore".

    Endicott was also her last college tour, but it made a lasting impression. “When I stepped on campus, I knew this was home.”  Molly was also impressed with the internship program as a business student. She liked the community feel, and her family agrees, they couldn’t have asked for a better choice.

  2. 2. When Molly is back at home, does she cheer for Salve or Endicott?

     Molly: It's kind of funny, this past weekend, we went to the Salve/Endicott football game at Salve, because I was doing events in Newport and it was really hard because I'm like I don't really know who I'm supposed to root for because I was there as Miss Rhode Island, so of course Salve, but I'm like go Gulls!

  3. 3. Since internships are a requirement here at Endicott in order to graduate, what have you done in the past for internships?

    Molly has also completed two internships at Endicott:

    Molly: I worked with a local politician in my state, he was running for re-election, we were working on some business projects, it was great because one day have political aspirations in hope to run and serve my state in that capacity. So it was really interesting to get to see the other side of politics, as well as being able to utilize my business strengths that I have learned at Endicott. My current internship is working as Miss Rhode Island; I manage five social media accounts which is pretty insane. We serve as an ambassador for the children's miracle network hospitals, we have to have a social initiative, and mine works to combat sexual assault and empower women through self-defense, serving my state by traveling all across Rhode Island to numerous events, representing Endicott as well1, and then of course to perform on the national stage live on NBC with Miss America, which is still so surreal to say.

  4. 4. Being Miss Rhode Island, I'm sure you're a busy person, is there a specific routine you have to follow in terms of diet, exercise, and school?

    Molly has only been competing in pageants since her senior year of high school, so I was curious how she learned time management, and how she managed exams!

    Molly: So I always thought I was good at time management, but I definitely have perfected it now. Everything now is very scheduled so I can be as productive as possible.

    In addition to classes, and morning gym sessions, Molly also has to answer emails, join conference calls, and travel to Rhode Island for pageant duties. Fortunately, a lot of her homework is online, so she can work remotely.  She believes that Endicott has been great about setting her up for success so she can balance being a student and Miss Rhode Island.


  5. 5. As you mentioned earlier, the Miss America Pageant is happening in December- It conflicts with exams this year, and I know Miss Rhode Island happened last year during finals, how will you manage it?

    Molly: So I'm so grateful that Endicott has been really accommodating of making sure I can balance each (school and Miss America) in the best way possible. Last year [May 2019] I was worried because it typically follows around the exam time. So I was able to take my exams early, finish all my final projects that way.

    For Miss America, Molly expects to move back home before exams, in the beginning of December.  That will give her time to get “packed and prepped” for the pageant.


  6. 6. Since you have been competing in pageants since the end of high school, were you ever concerned with hitting freshman 15?

    Molly: It's so funny, everyone always worries about gaining weight, but for me maybe this is naive, but I don't focus on things like that. People always ask if I'm on a diet, but I'm so blessed that our personal trainers are really hands on and make sure we understand that it's not a diet, because people can easily develop eating disorders. It's really about understanding your body and how to fuel it and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It's actually been so great because then I don't feel this immense pressure that I have to be doing x, y, and z. It's just about balance, so it's never been a thought in my mind so if I want a cookie, I’m going to have it, no matter if it's even fruit or vegetables, it's about balance. But our meal plan is different every day but it's trying to balance carbs, proteins, veggies, and fruits. I'm actually not a vegetables person, so that has been an interesting journey, trying new things and a different side of my palette. If I could have one meal, it would be grilled chicken and rice, which is so basic.

  7. 7. What are the awards like for winning Miss RI? (Crown/sash/scholarship)?

    Molly: So I have a Miss Rhode Island crown and sash, which is probably the most recognizable part of the package. We do get a 5,000-dollar scholarship that went towards my tuition at Endicott. We have a number of sponsors we work with throughout the year. As I mentioned we have a personal trainer, Scott's Fitness who creates the meal plans and all our workouts. We have Calma Salon who does hair and makeup, I have Glistening Goddess who's our spray tan sponsor. I have a dentistry who whitens teeth, a nail salon sponsor, and clothing sponsors like Groove, in Newport, and a Miss Rhode Island Robe. My friends love my robe, and always suggest I should walk around my dorm with it, and I'm like "Oh Okay." But I love when people try on my crown and sash. Sometimes I come home from class and my friends will be trying it on and it's just such an incredible moment. I'm grateful for all the support I get from the community, and the state to make it all possible, since it is a volunteer organization.

    Pageants aren’t just a show of beauty, they are scholarship competitions.

    Since Miss America is a scholarship organization, her master’s degree will be paid for, and she receives $5,000 towards her Endicott tuition. Molly is also hoping to earn additional scholarships at the pageant. Of course, there’s also the crown and sash.


  8. 8. The movie Miss Congeniality presents this Stereotype of drama or mean girls, is that how girls act during these types of pageants in reality?

    Molly: I love this! Everybody always ask this, but it is sooo not like that. I will admit it. Even starting at a late age for pageants, I thought "oh my gosh, they're going to be so mean and catty". But it was so the opposite. I love talking about it and breaking the stereotypes because the women I have encountered, and I have competed many times, are so intelligent and are very kind. They really do want to make a difference in any way they could. it's really inspiring and not a comparison of who's better it's really just lifting each other up, and trying to make a difference.

    Sometimes on campus, friends will embarrass Molly by yelling "Oh is that Miss Rhode Island?" But even without her crown and sash, Molly will be stopped for photos when she is recognized in Rhode Island. She describes the experience as humbling and cool.


  9. 9. I’m an R.A., so I had to ask… As a college student, whether you're a partier or not, are you ever worried about having other people post pictures with you?

    Molly: You definitely have to be careful. I have always been cognizant of my surroundings and when I'm posting because I do want to run for public office one day, so I definitely never want skeletons in my closet. An image can say a thousand things, without even saying anything. I have always been careful, so that wasn't anything I necessarily needed to change or shift.

  10. 10. Are there any restrictions you have with holding the Miss Rhode Island title? (brand deals, social media, curfew, etc.)

    Molly: We definitely have contracts we need to sign. They're not so much rules, but more of just trying to create and maintain the image. Obviously, you want the title holder who is representing your sponsors, yourself, and your school, and doing so in an appropriate fashion. So it's common sense, but I don't have a curfew. I have access to all the social media accounts, of course making sure it's appropriate and inline with all the morals and standards. But for the most part, we have freedom to make our year as creative and unique as possible.

  11. 11. What's your favorite thing here at Endicott?

    Molly: Just knowing that Endicott brings the best out of everybody. They have seen my potential just as they do with anybody who walks on this campus. They really try to make the best version of yourself, and that is something so unique to Endicott, that is just great to take advantage of.

    I really wanted to see if Miss Rhode Island had any fashion or style tips for Her Campus readers, so I’ll get right to the point.

  12. 12. Fashion Tips from Miss RI

    Fashion: Molly loves a sweater, jeans, and boots. “I live for black boots. You can probably always find me in black boots. I have like ten different pairs, …I typically buy two of the same pair and wear them all season. Since they’re my go too, I like to have a backup pair. I just think they're so classic because you can throw them on with a pair of jeans and you're good to go. 

    For the Fall:  For the fall, Molly loves “a cozy sweater that is fashionable, and multipurpose.  For this season, I usually opt for neutral color sweaters like grey, beige, and black that way they work for any outfit that I throw on.

    Make-up: Molly can do her full face, in ten minutes. Now I'm a pro with lashes, liner, mascara, I'm good now. But if it's quick, always use some mascara and a little bit of lip gloss. I think it just adds a little pop and makes everyone hide the fact that they just rolled out of bed, even though you just did. It's always a good look to go with.

    Mascara: Her favorite mascara, is probably, anything from Loreal, either the Carob Black, or the new one in the pink tube, I can't think of the name. L'oreal is always a great drugstore mascara.

    Hair: Believe it or not, Molly doesn’t use hair products, and recommends YouTube for experimenting with new styles.

    Skin Care: Molly’s number one [tip] is always taking your makeup off if you wear makeup at night. You cannot sleep in that, it is the worst thing you can do. My second is always wash your face with a makeup wipe. And if have time, put a little bit of moisturizer on. I'm not too high maintenance by any means, but my biggest thing is to definitely always take your makeup off. When it comes to makeup, I always apply everything with a makeup sponge. I think it looks more natural and is quicker to do. I usually just throw on a little bit of foundation, and then sometimes a creme so it blends easier, and then I'm out the door.




I’ll have more from my interview with Molly closer to the Miss America Pageant, but hopefully you enjoyed my chat with our fellow Gull!