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Julia’s Declassified Glossier Survival Guide

Glossier is a skincare and brand made from and made Instagram. Their tagline is skin first, makeup second – which means that their skin products actually work and their makeup looks really natural. It is any Instagram blogger or just fashion media it girls go to. You’ve probably already seen some kind of Glossier products scrolling through Instagram, you just didn’t know. 

I’ve loved Glossier for about a year now. It is really the brand that helped me be ok with the natural look no matter the acne or scars I have. My favorite part of Glossier, other than their amazing aesthetic, is their New York flagship store. It was their first physical showroom, where they now have them across the country, in Los Angeles, and pop ups in Boston and London soon. At the store, the employees make seeing it in person worth it. Most of them have a solid following on Instagram and love Glossier equally as people shopping. This makes going there the best because everyone is so nice and willing is talk about what to get or just fashion in general. If you ever need to see what is popular in the fashion and beauty right now look to the Glossier employees. They always seem to look like they know peak fashion, and work at Glossier which is peak beauty right now.

For Great Golden Hour Skin:

The Milky Jelly Cleanser 

Balm Dot Com (Ranking Flavors: Mango, Rose, and Coconut)


For the Classic Glosser Look:


Cloud Paint

For The Perfect Euphoria Look:


Colorslide (From the GlossierPlay collection)


For the Softest Skin:

Body Hero Perfecting Cream (Also smells great)

My Go To Fragrance:

Glossier You (I truly believe, there is nothing better than this scent)

All of these products are available on the Glossier website! 

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