I Donated My Hair to Locks of Love: Here's My Experience

Since I was little, I have wanted long hair. I wanted to be like the princesses, with hair that effortlessly flowed down their backs and birds sang as they brushed it. So, no bird has ever sung as I brushed my hair, and it did not exactly effortlessly flow, but my hair did grow very long, and did reach down my back. I took pride in having that long of hair. It made me feel feminine. My hair is one of my biggest confidence boosters. Having a good hair day puts me in a good mood. But not everyone has that advantage. My long hair has served me well, but at the end of the day, I do not need it. I decided to donate it, to help a child suffering from medical hair loss, to restore a sense of self while they rebuild their self-confidence. So, long story short, I cut off twelve inches of hair to donate, and here’s how it went.

It took me many years to build up the confidence to cut my hair. But I figured it was now or never. So I decided on donating to Locks of Love, a non-profit charity dedicated to providing the highest quality hair prosthetics to financially disadvantaged children free of charge. The minimum amount to donate is ten inches. I was cutting off about twelve.

Before the Cut

I was both excited and nervous to cut it. I knew I was still going to have hair that was just above my shoulders, but I had never made that dramatic of a change before. Nevertheless, I went into the salon confident and ready.

I was so happy after the big chop. It was easier than I expected and much less of a change than I expected. My hair has brought me so much happiness, but now my hair is going to someone who needs it. And that makes me much happier. Donating my hair was a very positive experience, and if you are thinking about doing it, I say go for it!



For more information about donating to Locks of Love, visit https://locksoflove.org/