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How to Step up Your Pumpkin Decorating Game

How to Step Up Your Pumpkin Decorating Game

Plenty of fun ideas that will have you looking like the DIY queen.


This Halloween, get yourself in the spooky spirit by trying out one of these fun DIY twists on the classic jack-o’-lantern.


Start Carving!

If you enjoy the traditional jack-o’-lantern, try spicing it up with some fun carving techniques!

Give your pumpkin a fun twist on a classic carving with some whacky expressions, or even combine painting and carving to create some cute little monsters.

If you’d rather think outside the box, you can carve some cute patterns on your pumpkin – think polka dots, chevron, or even stripes. If you’ve got a few pumpkins to spare, use big circles or other shapes to spell out a word.

Paint Your Heart Out.

Ditching the carving knife and painting your pumpkin instead can make it last longer, and there are plenty of fun possibilities!

Try using a solid color to paint the entire pumpkin, and don’t forget the stem. Glam it up with a touch of gold, or go all out with neon colors – it’s up to you.

Take it one step further and try dripping paint from the top of your pumpkin to create a melted crayon effect, or add in some bright prints to express your personality. If you’re decorating your room, you can even paint with the colors of your decor to tie it all together.

If you’re feeling super creative, you can paint or draw animals or fun designs on your pumpkin. Sugar skulls are another unique option, and you can even dress them up with some rhinestones for added sparkle.

Make it Chic.

If you like painting, but want to keep things simple, you might want to opt for a contemporary chic design. Try painting your pumpkin a solid color and dipping one side in gold or silver paint for a two-tone look, or opt for geometric shapes for a modern effect.

Painting a fun saying on your pumpkin is another way to up your decorating game. Try using a stencil to map out a word and painting around it for a cutout effect, or paint your pumpkin a solid pastel color and use bold, black paint to write out some Halloween puns! If you keep your color palette simple, the end result will be super chic.

Get Crafty!

For this one, you’re going to need to raid your local craft store for some ribbon, twine, glitter, or even push pins.

Glue strips of decorative ribbon along the spines of your pumpkin to make a fun statement. If you have two or three small pumpkins, try using different ribbons in the same colors for a fun mismatched effect. You can even tie some ribbon or fabric around the stem of a painted pumpkin to make it look complete.

If you don’t want to commit to decorating the entire pumpkin, try gluing a strip of ribbon in a chevron pattern around the perimeter of your pumpkin. You can dress it up with a line of gold push pins or rhinestones to turn it into a focal point in your dorm room.

If you love all things shabby chic, grab some plain metal pins and white string and make a string art pumpkin! Get creative with the shape in the center – try a heart, your initial, or even the shape of your home state if you’re starting to feel homesick. The possibilities are endless.

Whether you’ve got yourself a 20-pound gourd or a pint-sized pumpkin, there are plenty of cute ways to decorate it. When in doubt, just check out Pinterest for more fun pumpkin decorating ideas!


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