How to Manage Social Media in Relationships

Talk to your boo about how you want to handle social media

In order to stay on the same page and feel comfortable you have to be open and honest about what upsets you and what makes you happy. Some people prefer to be more private about sharing details of their relationship like photos of vacations, engagements, gifts they got each other, or whatever it may be. Everyone has their own things so it’s important to ask your partner what they are and aren’t comfortable with. Set boundaries that you can both agree on.

Be honest if something upsets you, and no judging yourself for your feelings!

Like I said before, just be honest if something makes you uncomfortable. Try not to accuse your partner of anything, and talk to them with an open mind. Often times people can experience Storytelling syndrome. The New York Times explains it as “When you draw conclusions to decipher what’s happening without first-hand knowledge, Storytelling syndrome usually escalates and before you know it, you’re convinced they are cheating on you all because of a comment on someone’s post.” It’s normal to feel comfortable if you see your partner liking or commenting on their exes pictures, or just feeling jealous over them liking a sexy instagram models photos. We compare ourselves to others, we get jealous, and that’s normal. You just have to realize what’s real and what’s not, and what’s worth fighting over.

Try not to snoop

Snooping is never a good idea, in real life or online. If you feel the need to snoop and check up on them, there’s probably not a lot of trust there. Some couples consider not following each other at all on social media, which I know sounds crazy because it’s such a norm in today’s society, but it keeps them from the Storytelling syndrome and the fights! It’s just a reminder that not everything has to be displayed all over social media; You can still be happy as ever with your partner and not have them on your social media.

Is the fight over something silly on social media OR something deeper?

If you’re constantly fighting over things on social media like them not approving of your pictures, what posts you double tap, or anything else then there might be something else going on. These fights could be stemming from deeper discussions you should be having. Trust and commitment could be an issue, and until you solve that the social media aspect will never get any better.

Prioritize time without social media

Social media isn’t everything, you don’t need to be on it all the time, especially not when you’re with your partner. Set aside time to spend with them, and put away your phone. It takes away the intimacy, conversation, and bonding. Be present with your loved one! Quality time without phones is sure to bring you closer.