How to Make Your Summer the Most Productive One Yet!

Summer is on its way! Endless days lying in the sun, hanging out with friends, eating ice cream, going to the beach, being barefoot and going to concerts are nearing! No homework, no classes, no getting up early (unless you have a summer job)!


Summer is a season for relaxation, a time to enjoy yourself and spending time with people you love. Summer is a time for you to grow as a person. Anyone can use a fresh start, whether you will be embarking on their first year of college in the fall, just surviving your first year, or are moving onto rounds 3 or 4. Everyone deserves some time to recharge and energize.


This can mean something different for everyone. For me, it's about taking the time to reflect on the ups and downs, moments when I was happy, moments that I wish I could do over, and try to pinpoint if there was anything that was missing from my experiences or that I could have done differently.


Even though you may not have to change drastically, there are ways in which people can have a self-makeover. For example, if you stress too much, practice meditation. It takes 21 days to form a habit. If you start over summer break it will stick with you into the next school year.


If you realize that your closet needs an upgrade, change your wardrobe. If you do not want to spend a lot of money, consider getting clothes at a thrift shop. When the weather is warm you will find an abundance of clothing options. Sometimes all it takes is one great piece of clothing to make you feel better and new.


If you do not need a makeover, gain a new skill. You can cook for your entire family. You can truly do whatever you want!


In order to have a productive summer, you must be active. You do not want to waste your summer by lying around and watching Netflix. Go on adventures with your family and friends. Get out there and do something fun!


This summer, make your time count. Treat yourself because you are worth it!