How I Fell In Love In 7 Days - Call Me Psycho

Two weeks ago I was actually flexing on how many guys I was talking to at once, and walking around like “call me daddy.” If anyone is familiar with the podcast “Call Her Daddy,” that has been my mindset for the past few months to say the least. This show basically embodies the ideas that women can be these powerful badasses that can manipulate and play ‘fuck boys’ as they do to us so often. It’s always blown my mind how guys could sleep around with a million girls and never be judged or labeled. Yet, if a women is sleeping around, having fun, doing her thing, oh ‘she’s a slut.’ HUGE double standard. The show empowers women and men to be who they want to be, do what they want to do, and how not to give a fuck about what anyone else thinks.

About 30 days ago, I was out at a party and a few of the boys I was talking to were there, but I didn’t really think it was a big deal considering I made it clear I wasn’t looking for a relationship. I had just been having so much fun with my girls since my previous breakup, that I had no intention in falling for anyone. I sort of wanted to keep my heart protected for a while and the only way I thought I could do that was to talk to multiple guys at once. And honestly it was working for awhile. It wasn’t until I met this special man as I was trying to store my spiked seltzers in a microwave. Romantic - I know. I think we instantly had a connection, whether I would admit that or not in the moment. He was confident, yet calm telling me “I don’t care who you’re talking to, but I need to be one of them,” knowing he could be the one to make me drop all the other boys. I remember thinking how sexy it was that he knew exactly what I was doing, but made it clear he was willing to wait for me and eventually wanted to be exclusive. I had never met a more secure, direct, and open MAN before. Probably because I was talking to a bunch of BOYS.

We started hanging out every day after that, staying up until 4AM making food, talking, and literally just losing track of time because there was never a dull moment. Time doesn’t exist with us, when we are together it’s like the world stops and nothing else really matters. As each day goes on I think we just find more and more that we connect on, and within the first few days we both said we felt like we had known each other forever. I cannot even describe the undeniable spark and relationship we share. I knew I loved him from spending two days with him, which is insane. I actually sounded psychooo telling all my friends I was in love after a weekend. But I guess he’s just as psycho as me because we began saying “I love you” within the week. CRAZY.

I have no idea where it will go from here, but I’ve been having the time of my life. He treats me like a queen, and makes me feel ways I have never felt before. He’s someone I could see the rest of my life with, and someone who really did make me drop everyone else in one night. Maybe I am psycho, and maybe this whole thing is unreal, but it completely transformed my view of love. It’s been the plot of a romantic movie, maybe even love at first sight - but I now believe you can fall in love in 7 days. So yup, this is how I went from call me daddy to call me psycho.