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Hold Up… Ryan Reynolds Is In A New Musical?!

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Over Thanksgiving break, I was able to stay at home and get in the holiday mood with my family. We did so by watching multiple Christmas-themed movies, one of which stood out among them all. New to AppleTV+ this November is Spirited, a new holiday movie starring everybody’s favorite elf, Will Ferrell, and practically everybody’s favorite man, Ryan Reynolds.

This movie has the potential to be referred to as a Christmas classic in the coming years, one that will never age and only become more adored as the years go by. Reynolds and Ferrel are an acting match made in heaven, and they play such an iconic duo in this film. If watching them act together isn’t enough for you, believe it or not, you’ll get to watch them sing and dance. Yes, you read that correctly, this movie is a MUSICAL. With the soundtrack in high standings on Apple Music, it can be shown that the music is not bad at all… in fact it’s impressive! I never thought Ryan Reynolds could sing well, but he did! The movie had a really great concept, some super cute scenes, lots of comedy, and some killer performances. Overall, I would rate it a 9/10 and would highly suggest that you and your family get some festive pajamas on, bake some cookies, and enjoy this fantastic new movie!

Sophia Lonnroth

Endicott '26

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