Gifts for Your First Holiday Together

Gifts for Your First Holiday Together

LisaMarie Demerjian


Hey Ladies! Christmas is shortly coming upon on us and if you haven’t got a gift for your special someone, then you need to go out and getting something soon. For those of you who have been in a relationship for a couple days, weeks, and/or months, the first holiday is awkward. Your not sure whose side of the family your going to celebrate with. Not sure if you get their family anything and the worst, you don’t even know what to get your significant other.


Let me tell you my story. I have been in a relationship for a little over a year now #goingstrong. Sean and I spent last Christmas Eve together because my family, for once, didn’t have a huge open-house party. After I got out of work, I went to his house. It was nice to meet his extended family… for the first time. But to be honest, we never talked about gift giving. I was prepared for anything that was thrown at me. I got him a gift certificate to his favorite food place and I got his family a gift certificate to their favorite Chinese food place. From the beginning of the night, I knew I was going to give him a card with the little offering because we had been only dating for five or six months at that point. When his family was opening gifts, his mom handed me a box and said, “Merry Christmas sweetie.” I handed her a card with that Chinese food certificate so fast, that way she new I was prepared and I thought of her family. As for Sean, he didn’t get me anything, but that was ok. We hadn’t talked about it and like I said we had only been dating five or six months. I could tell he felt bad, but this year, he was the first one to ask if we were exchanging gifts. Of course I said yes.


Now that you know my little story, you want to prepared for anything. Here are a few cute gift ideas for your first holiday together.


  1. Gift cards

I personally feel that cash is just a “second thought” gift and is put in the envelope last minute. If someone asked me for cash, then yes I would give them that if they prefer. Gift cards can be used almost anywhere. Be careful of the ones that expire and charge you a huge activation fee. Get a giftcard to your favorite place to go out to eat together, or even a movie (automatic date night!).


2. Make a collage


Your probably in the honeymoon stage of your relationship, which is ending shortly. During that time frame, there is more Snapchats that have ever been taken, there are adventures that they take you on, and there is probably several text messages that they send you that you screenshot and favorite them. Create a collage of your favorite and put them in a picture frame. This is a cheap and special made home gift. It lets them know you are appreciative of them in your life but it’s not on the “I love you” level.

Image result for couple collage


3. Gloves and a Hat combo


Everyone needs a new pair of gloves and hat for the brutal winter. This is something that says, “I want to make sure your warm while shoveling” or “Want to make sure you stay warm for winter festivities.” Image result for gloves and hat


3. Hot Chocolate Mix and Mug

I know it sounds crazy and extremely simple. Envision yourself together by the fire sipping on some hot cocoa and cuddling watching your favorite Christmas movie. Maybe add some delicious snacks too!

Godiva Hot Cocoa And Toppings Mug Gift Set Multi