Getting Into The Christmas Spirit At College

Getting Into The Christmas Spirit At College

By Mya Kermelewicz


Not being home to cut down the Christmas tree, or decorate with your family can sort of take away the christmas spirit. Finals are also happening this season so it can turn into a stressful time, but I think we all deserve a little Christmas spirit and happiness during the holidays. So here are some ways to bring cheer into your life at college.


Decorate your room and door with your friends

My friends and I went to the Dollar Store and Michaels and bought a mini Christmas tree that lights up, and stickers for decorating our door. There’s so many homemade crafts you can do too like making paper snowflakes, colorful paper chains, and just putting up pretty lights. Just do whatever is going to make you feel at home and peaceful.



Find a local pond or rink to ice skate at

Although we’re not supposed to, my campus has a beautiful pond in the center and students will skate there in the winter. It’s actually so cute, and gives me a homey feeling when I see the skaters as I walk across campus. There should be a rink of some sort nearby or on every campus, and going out with your friends to skate is a blast. I try to go skating at least once every winter. You definitely don’t have to be a good skater, because even if you’re falling everywhere I think it will be a memorable, fun time.


Go Christmas shopping & make homemade cards

My roommate and I just did this last weekend together. We got to finish all our Christmas shopping together at Marshalls, and got lunch while we were out as well. It was such a fun outing and when we got back to our room we wrapped presents, and made homemade cards together, making both of us so excited for the holidays.


Watch the Hallmark Christmas movies and drink hot chocolate

I know they’re super cheesy, but who doesn’t love a good Hallmark Christmas movie. They always have the sweetest love stories, and happiest endings that will just make you giddy. Maybe not everyone, but I know they have me feeling excited and full of love.


Hit up an ugly Christmas sweater party

There’s almost always holiday themed parties at college, and if yours doesn’t have one you can possibly go visit another friends school, or even host your own. These are just fun ways to celebrate the holiday, and have wicked cute photoshoots with your bffs.


Do a Yankee Swap or Secret Santa with your friends

All my friends and I are doing a secret santa this year. We used a website called and once you put all your friend’s emails in, you can draw names for secret santa and everything is emailed to you. Again, just a fun little exchange to show your besties some love.