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Friends in College: A How to Guide by Two Anxious Freshman

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J: It was the Spring of 2021, and I was trying to decide on where to go to college and my top choice was Endicott. I was scrolling through the Class of 2025 admissions page, and I was trying to look for people who shared my major and had similar interests. I came across a girl who seemed super similar to me! She was a fellow lover of Harry Styles, 5 Seconds of Summer, Squishmallows, and basically everything else I have an obsession with. I decided to shoot her an Instagram DM because she looked super friendly, and I wanted to make some new friends before college. 

L: Its March 2021 and college decisions were to be made soon. I was freaking out about meeting new people. So I joined the Class of 2025 Facebook group for Endicott College. I had been scrolling through for a while looking for people with my major and or similar hobbies. I eventually gave up putting my phone down for the afternoon. Later on in the day when I picked it up I had a DM from someone named Jenna. She told me that Endicott was also her top choice and that we seem super similar. We got started talking about where we’re from and found out it was only 45 minutes away! We ended up also having so much in common from our music taste and hobbies. Now, I just had to keep the conversation going without seeming weird lol. 

J: I was so happy when I got a DM back from Lexi! She had told me a bit about some other colleges she was waiting to hear from, and we went back and forth just sharing some basic information and our other interests. As an anxious girl I was so excited to be talking with someone who I could end up being friends with. I remember going to bed that night so happy that I was finally making some new friends and was really excited to start this new chapter of my life. 

L: We DMed back and forth all the way up until move in day when we finally got to meet in person. We had an English class together but didn’t talk too much as we both were focused on our academics and the class itself, never really hanging out not in the class setting. I had always wanted to hang out with her more, remembering our conversations from the summer, but never really knew how to ask until the Spring semester of 2022. 

J: I had always loved talking to Lexi and I always wished that we were closer! I remember having English together during the first semester and occasionally chiming in on conversations and gossip sessions. But we never really hung out and only saw each other while passing by. 

L: January 2022 I decided to join Her Campus after seeing Jenna post and talk so much about how fun and amazing it is. I reached out to her to tell her I was thinking of joining and our relationship grew from there. Every night before the meetings we would meet up in the LSB and go from there. The more meetings I attended I knew I would come to love this club and enjoy getting closer with her again. 

J: I was so happy when I found out that Lexi was joining Her Campus! I had been having so much fun with it my entire first semester and was trying so hard to get more freshmen to join. Because we lived in the same dorm, we found it to be easiest to walk over to the LSB together, and we even began having dinner together before each meeting! We had clicked from the start and our little time together each week really helped to spark a beautiful friendship. Around this time, I had been offered an RA position for the upcoming semester and had an availability for a roommate and figured that Lexi would be the perfect fit. 

L: As more HC meetings occurred we learned more and more about different events, such as Women’s Weekend. This weekend-long event really brought us closer together to the point where we hang out almost every day. Not even a week later Jenna asked me to be her roommate for our Sophomore year, and of course I said yes! 

J + L: As of right now we are trying our best to finish out our freshman year strong and are planning ahead for the upcoming semester. We truly bring out the best in each other and we wouldn’t trade this friendship for the world. College comes with many ups and downs but you will have opportunities to meet incredible people and build lifelong friendships. If you are an incoming freshman don’t be afraid to reach out to someone new. You may never know what could come of it. 


Jenna and Lexi <3

Hi! I'm Alexandra but everyone calls me Lexi! I'm a psychology major with a minor in creative art therapy here at Endicott and I am so excited to be writing for Her Campus!
Jenna Torgersen

Endicott '25

Hey! I’m Jenna (she/her) I'm a psych major here at endicott! I love writing articles for the website and I am a lover of sushi, harry styles, and squishmallows!
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