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Follow These 5 Instagram Accounts to be WOKE

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Endicott chapter.

Just by their instagram handle, you already know this is a lovely feminist account. But here’s the catch, this semi-known, aesthetically-pleasing account is more than what meets the eye. Not only do they have a variety of motivational quotes, but they also have woke and lighthearted memes (which are my personal favorite thing to see on my feed). Plus, @beafeminist also focuses on a variety of other topics, including climate change, consent, sexual assault, gun control, politics, combatting/rejecting societal standards, and the advocacy of all walks of life- essentially the whole nine yards. This hidden gem of an instagram account is uplifting, humorous, beautiful, informational, and exactly the secret spice to fix a boring feed! And let’s be honest, every girl should be a feminist… and better yet, boys should too. This account even linked in their bio is the partner account @Beafeministboy because feminism is for everyone!

Follow @beafemanistgirl here!


It’s very common for people, especially college students, to be very intimidated by politics as a whole. Especially with the upcoming election, it’s SUPER important for individuals 18+ to know what the flip is goin’ on! This account makes politics a lot less scary and actually more interesting. They post daily information about the current candidates running for 2020 while also covering worldwide news that people should see. Let’s be honest, the majority of high school and college students don’t watch the news simply because 1. We don’t have the time and 2. It’s insanely overwhelming and sad. Speaking of sad and overwhelming, this account covers all the things you need to know about Trump- stay up to date on what our peach does before he gets impeached…

Follow @NowthisPolitics Here!


Desserts + Activism = an instagram account that’s woke off the charts. Spreading positivity and #wokeness  This creative influencer posts fun, hand-made cakes and sugar cookies frosted with words of empowerment! Sounds so simple and tastes so sweet- especially for people who need a slice of reality!

Follow @TheSweetFeminist Here!


If you don’t know who Greta Thunberg is, aka the climate change superhero, it’s not too late- now is the time to learn! She is a 16 year old badass from Sweden who has Aspergers. She is a world-renowned climate and environmental activist who holds strikes, weekly, across the world! She’s spoken with a variety of politicians, government officials, and even congress. Definitely worth checking out!

Follow @GretaThunberg here!


Lastly, this instagram is a must follow. It is one of the biggest and longest-living accounts on instagram and it covers everything necessary to stay updated on feminist-related topics. Now, this instagram might not be your first choice, as it’s simply called “feminist” which can be seen as very strong. But, let me reassure you, this account is geared towards everyone to teach and educate people on equality. Feminism=equality. This account covers all types of marches- women, LGBT+, gun prevention, climate change, all necessary types of marches that need to happen. This account is woke to the core- you will be one of the millions who wants to continue learning about some of the most important things in current-day society.

Follow @Femenist here!

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