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You may know TikTok as the well known social media platform designed for teens, but instead it is filled with childish drama and internet trolls. If so, I am excited to tell you that although the app can sometimes seem overwhelmingly negative, there is a safe corner of TikTok creators that radiate only the most positive, hilarious energy, capable of cheering anyone up. Which influencers make up this supposed corner, you ask? You’re in the perfect place to find out…

  1. Jack Wright (@jack.wright)

Though his status sky-rocketed as a result of his contributions to the Hype House, Jack Wright has not seemed to allow his fame to dominate his personality. Wright provides humorous, yet wholesome content, never taking TikTok too seriously. While other members of the Hype House collective naturally bother me, I have always been a fan of Wright’s. His content is, for the most part, made up of dancing videos, but he also features vlogs, pole vaulting, parodies, and storytimes on his page. He is relatable, likable, and one of my favorite creators on the app.

  1. Arianna Hailey (@itsari.aleise)

Arianna is best known for, and I am dead serious as I write this, covering her entire body with glitter glue and her rhinestoned tasers. I’m not sure if there is anyone more iconic, yet grounded than Arianna on the app. She encourages her users to utilize confidence and to release their inner bad b… well… you know what I’m trying to say. She does not stand for bullying, homophobia, or transphobia, and is more than sure to express that in some of her taser videos. Her personality and energy are overwhelmingly positive, making them contagious and comforting. Every video she posts feels more like a FaceTime call than it does TikTok content. If you’re looking to follow an influencer that feels like a friend, follow Arianna Hailey.

  1. Erika Titus (@erikatitus)

Erika, in my opinion, has quickly grown to become one of the most relatable, hilarious, and enjoyable creators on the app. Titus does not hide her emotions from her followers and is sure to remain vulnerable with them throughout both her smallest and greatest meltdowns. She features beauty content and dancing videos on her page and records frequently with her sister, Kirsten Titus. Like Arianna Hailey’s videos, hers feel no different than a call from a best friend. Erika is from Hawaii, and therefore includes her own culture into many of her posts. She’s very down to earth, and I am sure most of Gen Z can relate to her content.

  1. Brittany “Broski” Tomlinson (@brittany_broski)

If you were on TikTok in August, 2019, you likely remember a video featuring a woman trying kombucha going viral. Her facial expressions alone were enough for her fame to soar, as she now is one of the biggest stars on the app. She even was offered the opportunity to meet her idol, Harry Styles, at his headquarters and later interviewed him at the premiere of Don’t Worry Darling. Brittany’s laugh is infectious and her impressions are absolutely hilarious. Her commentary on pop culture is undoubtedly funny, she truly knows how to make her followers smile. I adore this woman and I highly recommend that you follow the kombucha girl, Brittany “Broski” Tomlinson.

  1. Dylan Mulvaney (@dylanmulvaney)

Dylan Mulvaney is only the sweetest and wholesome girl on TikTok. The videos she has posted documenting her gender transition have been featured on CBS and UNILAD, influencing individuals anywhere to be whoever they feel they are on the inside. You may have seen her “Days of Girlhood” series, as it has accumulated over 900 million views! She calls out trolls for mocking her transition and does so without becoming problematic or aggressive. She consistently is helping trans visibility to grow in a world still consisting of hate aimed at the LGBTQIA+ community. Dylan is very relatable, feels like a friend and a mom at the same time, and has a contagious, radiant, and comforting energy to her. 

  1. Bria Lemirande (@brialem)

She is the queen of the Crunchy Curls found at Trader Joe’s and is known for her sunshine-like personality… she is Bria Lemirande. Bria Lemirande frequently posts non-intimidating recipes, such as lavender coffee syrups and avocado toast, making it easy for her followers to recreate at home. She demonstrates substantial flexibility when cooking, showing others that it’s okay to go outside of the box, even when cooking or baking! She encourages her users to enjoy the little things, not to take everything very seriously, and to embrace your personality. Her energy is comforting and in a way, feels like a warm blanket needed on a cold day. I love this woman and once you follow her, you will, too.

  1. Axel Webber (@axelwebber)

Axel Webber took the app by storm this year, showing his followers his perspective on life while living in the smallest apartment in New York City. Followers also watched him as he was rejected from Juilliard, and created a movement aimed towards forcing the school to reconsider their decisions. Though it did not work, his fan base grew immensely. Even while living in an apartment resembling a closet and an unfortunate verdict from his dream school, he keeps the most positive, enlightening attitude and persists on achieving his dream of becoming an actor. Because he is only 22 and a college student, many teenagers and young adults can relate to the circumstances he posts about on his page. This might be cringey to say so I apologize for my lack of better wording, but he, for sure, has “golden retriever energy”. Be sure to follow his account on TikTok!

If you’re wanting to improve the content featured on your For You Page, be sure to follow each and every one of these TikTok creators. They all help to cheer me up on difficult days and possess comforting energy. While you’re at it, be sure to follow @hercampusendicott on TikTok, the best account of them all!

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