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Five Adorable Pairs of Holiday Socks You Need to be Wearing ASAP

These super-cute and super-relatable socks from Etsy. Because who doesn’t love Hallmark movies around the holidays?!
Cozy slipper socks from Urban that can be worn the WHOLE holiday season (shoutout to the color red!!)
Turkey socks that will be shipped just in time for Thanksgiving dinner!
From the holy grail of socks… Target’s holiday socks have arrived! Check out this cute Mr. and Mrs. Claus pair!
And of course… the infamous Target sock advent calendar. How could you not love it?
Sarah Wolak

Endicott '22

Hey guys! My name is Sarah and I'm truly passionate about writing! My dream is to be a multimedia journalist for a newspaper or magazine. My hobbies include but are not limited to getting coffee, reading at the beach, writing, hiking, and taking photos of my dog. In ten years look out for my name in a New York Times byline!
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