Finding Your Perfect Fall Lip Color

Image from: BeautywithEmilyFox/youtube 



It’s that time of year again! When the pumpkin spice lattes come out and ABC Thirteen Nights of Halloween is on television. The perfect thing to complete any fall outfit is an amazing fall lip color. Matte formulas are best for the fall because of the finish and they stay on even after you drink your coffee. The brand NYX makes a long lasting matte liquid lipstick for only $6.50, below are listed the best colors for each skin tone.

If your skin tone is fair with pink undertones:

the best colors for you are cool tones containing blue or purple undertones. If your skin is fair and has yellow undertone warmer colors are better for you. Fair bold reds and deep purples look best on fair skin tones. The perfect NYX’s colors are Kitten Heels, Soft Spoken, and Cashmere Silk.

Pictured: Kitten Heels 

Pictured: Soft Spoken 

Pictured: Cashmere Silk


If your skin tone is Olive: 

you can wear pretty much any color but shoot for more neutrals this fall. The perfect NYX’s colors are French Maid, Baby Doll, and Exotic.

Pictured: French Maid

​Pictured: Exotic 

​Pictured: Babydoll

If your skin tone is medium: 

the best shades for you are Browns, Mauve, and Neutrals. The perfect NYX’s colors are Budapest, Rome, Berlin.

​Pictured: Budapest

​Pictured: Rome

​Pictured: Berlin 

If your skin tone is Darker: 

the best shades for you are deep plums, berries and reds. The perfect NYX’s colors are Copenhagen, Monte Carlo and Vancouver.

​Pictured: Copenhagen

​Pictured: Monte Carlo 

​Pictured: Vancouver