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DIY Dorm Decor

We all know how bland and drab college dorms can be. At the beginning of the year, you’re presented with a totally blank slate to transform in a way that represents your personal style. Don’t let those boring white walls bring you down! Check out some of my favorite dorm decor DIY’s from around the web, and maybe even try one out for yourself!


Gallery Wall



This is one of the best DIY’s I’ve seen, and I even tried it out myself this semester. Just find some artwork you like, print it out, and use some clear tape or washi tape to hang your photos so you don’t damage the walls! Try to stick with a color scheme so that your gallery wall looks nice and cohesive.


String Art



This one is as easy as one, two, three. Just use any piece of wood, hammer some nails into it in the desired shape, and wrap the string or yarn of your choice around the nails in order to create your design. It’s super easy and always adorable. If you hang this using command strips, you can get a gorgeous effect without the damage a hammer and nails can cause to your walls.




All you need for this is a little bit of a green thumb and a clear plastic or glass container. I recommend a mason jar for added effect! Just layer in some dirt and soil and plant some succulents. If the idea of taking care of a plant terrifies you, grab yourself some fake greens and replicate the project with no fear of killing your new DIY.


Mason Jar Pencil Holders

This DIY is perfect for all your shabby chic decor needs. Just grab a mason jar, some paint, and a little bit of mod podge or glue. Just mix the paint with some mod podge or glue and use the mixture to paint over your mason jar. Let it dry overnight, and voila! You can also paint the lid for added effect, or keep the lid off the jar if you want.


Throw Pillows



This is another one I’ve tried out on my own. If sewing scares you, this might not be for you, but if you’re up for the challenge, grab some fabric at your local fabric store, and get some insert pillows. You can order insert pillows online, or buy them at craft or fabric stores.


Then grab your sewing machine and cut two equal-sized pieces of fabric, large enough to cover your pillow, allowing about an inch for a seam allowance. Next, sew three of the four edges with the fabric flipped inside-out, or pattern side down. Then, pop your pillow inside and sew down the fourth edge. After that, you’re done! If you want more detailed instructions, try this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kx2Pmu2nrbg


That’s it! I hope you all enjoyed this roundup. Feel free to share more DIY ideas in the comment.


Taylor Wildrick

Endicott '20

Taylor Wildrick is a Marketing Communications major at Endicott College in Beverly, Ma. She loves teaching herself new hobbies that she'll probably never get around to finishing and reading marketing textbooks. She also loves all things fashion, beauty, and pop culture.
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