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A College that Paved the Way for Women:

A College that Paved the Way for Women:


There are so many great things about Endicott; the academics, internship program, beautiful campus, sports teams, and of course the community feel. You will hear all of these things if you go on any tour or read the website. What you don’t always hear is the history of the college, and honestly it’s a pretty cool story. What I like the most about Endicott’s story is the major girl power.


Endicott College was founded in 1939 by Dr. Eleanor Tupper. Eleanor and her husband had a vision to create a college for women. A college that will educate and prepare women for the workplace. This, if you don’t remember from history class, is very unusual for the time period. Women faced a lot of issues, and education for women was a very controversial topic of the 1930s.


I figured all of this information out after I decided to attend Endicott. I am even more happy with my choice seeing as this is a school that paved the way for women gaining an education. Of course I love all the other aspects of the school, but this makes the feminist side of me jump for joy.


Hot Spots Around Campus:

There are so many different areas around campus that can be used in so many ways. Here are a list of my favorite spots around campus for studying, hanging out, grabbing a bite, or just relaxing.


The Lodge:


The lodge is one of my favorite places to go and grab some food. Not only can you go there for a healthier lunch option, it is also open late night for the perfect snack while studying. Of course, this is also the place the drunk kids run to grab a greasy bite after a night of partying which in all honesty it is very fun to observe the madness. You can sit, listen to the music, and enjoy watching people get a little too excited over some mozz sticks.


Lower Callahan:


Lower callahan is a great spot to go between classes or get away from your dorm room to get some homework done. It is pretty much always quiet, and is never too crowded. There are loads of couches and tables to sit and get homework done or hang around with your friends.



Einstein’s aka what powers every Endicott students is a must have on this list. Einstein’s is where I go when I need some caffeine, a quick bite, or am just really craving a bagel. I think every Endicott student knows the importance of this place. I have weekly bagel dates with my bestie and it’s quite honestly the highlight of my week.


The Beaches:

You aren’t a true Endicott student if you don’t brag about the beaches to all of your friends from home. The beaches are my favorite places to go when I need a break, want to get away from homework, or hangout with my friends. I am someone who needs to be close to the beach at all times, Endicott has proven to be nothing less than perfect for me.


There are many places I am still finding around campus, as I am only a freshman I am sure I will find even more! I am excited to see what other places I can discover around campus and especially around Beverly!


Bridget LaSelva

Endicott '21

Education Major at Endicott College
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