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Are You Stressed? Here are 6 Fall Self-Care Tips

This time of the year is truly chaotic. You may have just gotten back into the swing of things with school, preparing for midterms, or for the upcoming holidays. Because of all this craziness, taking care of your mind and body is more important than ever. Treating yourself can often be viewed as being selfish or lazy, but that is not the truth. Self-care is important for your mental, physical well-being, and all year round (but can be extra special with some fall exclusive treats.)

  • Investing in a nice pair of comfy socks

Fuzzy socks are amazing all year round, but especially around the chilly transition from Summer to Fall. It is important to keep your body warm and cozy so you can relax and enjoy the fall season. The Aerie fuzzy socks have been a favorite of mine for years and are now a staple for the cold seasons.

  • Purchasing a nice candle

I’m pretty sure that everyone is a fan of the amazing fall smells, whether it be pumpkin or cinnamon there is a candle for you. In years past, Bath and Body Works and Yankee Candle have supplied all of my Fall scent needs but lately, I have been obsessed with the Opalhouse collection of Target. My favorite scents are Pumpkin Shortbread and Candied Pumpkin, and they are an affordable price for the size and quality. Candles are also a staple for meditating and can help you relax after a long day.

  • Trying out a new festive scent or body wash

Every year I am thrilled to go into Bath and Body Works and admire all the new scents and repurchase all of my favorites. Taking a nice hot shower with all of the good-smelling soaps and goodies always helps me to relax and unwind.

  • Making a Fall playlist

I love having seasonal-specific music and have already been listening to my fall playlist since August. Some of my favorite albums to play around fall is Red by Taylor Swift, Stranger in the Alps by Phoebe Bridgers, Harry Styles by Harry Styles and so many more. These albums all have a cozy and calm feel which will help you unwind and relax after a hard day. It’s also fun to go leaf-peeping while listening to some good music.

  • Trying out new skincare products

Each year, right around the change from Summer to Fall, I always notice my skin starting to become really dry. This is usually a common issue for people and can often be caused by changes in temperature. Because of this, I love trying out new chapsticks and moisturizers to help. My favorite lip balm has been the Mario Badescu rose scent and my favorite moisturizer is the First Aid Beauty repair cream. The products help me keep my skin super soft during the fall season and my skincare routine always helps me relax.

  • Enjoying some Fall treats

Whether you choose to indulge in the pumpkin spice madness or not, it is important to give your body some fun fuel and enjoy all the seasonal treats. You may choose to splurge at Starbucks on a Pumpkin Spice Latte or keep a bowl of candy available around Halloween. It is alright to treat yourself and enjoy the fun festive snacks.

Take care of yourself!

xx Jenna

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