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An Interview with my Redhead Roomie

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Since living with my redhead bestie this semester I have seen so much of what gingers/redheads experience with such beautiful and unique hair. I decided to ask her a few questions to document for those who are the strangers wondering these questions. 

Disclaimer: my interviewee does not believe she is being segregated in any way. The red-head community is unique and interviewing her is just for fun to see how she feels about her hair color. 

  1. What is the most repetitive question you get asked as a ginger?
  • Is it natural? Or do the curtains match the drapes?
  1. How do you feel about fake gingers?
  • Well um, I don’t know I mean it’s flattering to see that some people want this hair when some people hate it. My family always tells me people pay so much to have my hair.
  1. What is the best thing about being a redhead?
  • All the compliments I get from old ladies when I go out.
  1. Do you have a soul?
  • Yes. I do, I mean how could one really measure that. But I think so.
  1. How much sunscreen do you use? SPF?
  • Quite a lot but I’ve been worse as I get older. I do get fairly tan for a ginger. SPF 50 or above. 
  1. Who is your ginger idol?
  • Oh. Who would be my idol? Honestly, this is gonna be a weird answer but my fourth-grade teacher because she has got to be in her 50s and she still has the most gorgeous red hair and I hope I get to be like her and keep my red hair. 
  1. Do you think people are jealous of your red hair?
  • Um some people are mainly older women. Some young people want it but only some. I’ve never gotten what people hate about gingers or why they make fun of them. Is it because there are not many of us compared to blonde people? I just go along with the ginger jokes. 
  1. Have you ever attended a gingers-only group event?
  • Um no I have not and I don’t ever plan on it.
  1. I have noticed a huge ginger population at Endicott. Do you care to comment on it?
  • I’ve never seen this many gingers and I’ve never been one of so many. I’ve always been the only ginger friend and it feels weird not being the only ginger friend. 
  1. What color clothes best compliment your hair?
  • My mom says emerald green. 
  1. Do you have more freckles than your peers? Do you like them?
  • Yes and I like most of them on my face.
  1. Do you use special shampoos or products to maintain your color?
  • Most of the time I just use my normal shampoo, but my stylist says to do purple shampoo one week a month. Also, the sun makes it lighter in the summertime. 

13. What do you want people to know about gingers?

  • I want people to know we do have souls, we aren’t going extinct. I personally think it’s a pretty hair color, and not all gingers look the same!
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