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After Reading This, You Will No Longer Be Free on February 14th

Oftentimes, we fail to realize what Valentine’s Day is actually all about. I used to hate Valentine’s Day, even when I had a significant other for it. I always thought it was too commercialized, overhyped, and unnecessary. But once I realized it’s not about chocolates and teddy bears and being with your significant other all day, I started to enjoy it a little more. 

Simply put, Valentine’s Day is about one thing: love. Not just loving your significant other, but loving your family and friends as well. But as much as it is important to love other people, the one person you should love the most is yourself. So here’s a list of things to do on February 14th in the spirit of loving yourself!

write yourself an “i love you because…” letter

Write to yourself as if you were writing to someone you love. You’re going to realize there are more things to love about yourself than you realize. Trust me.

paint your nails

Grab some red (or your favorite color) polish, put on your favorite music, and just give yourself a manicure!

make hot chocolate in your pjs

What’s valentine’s day without chocolate??

put on an outfit that makes you feel beautiful

Normally I would tell you to get all glammed up, but sometimes, being in sweatpants and a sweatshirt all day can make you feel beautiful (and comfortable) too. Do what’s best for you.

practice gratitude

Grab a journal, notebook, or piece of paper and write down a list of things you are most thankful for. In the spirit of self-love, feel free to write down the things you are most thankful about yourself!

go on a power walk

This honestly depends on the weather, but if you’re walking to class or to the dining hall, then that works too! Put your headphones in, blast some hot girl music, and just strut. Don’t worry about looking stupid or about what others are thinking, remember this is for YOU.

dance it out

For me, dance parties are the ultimate form of self care. Whether it’s with my roommate or just me, it always puts a smile on my face. Try it next week if you haven’t already!

make a cheesy Valentine’s Day craft

Remember those silly little crafts we used to do in elementary school on Valentine’s Day? Here’s something fun for your inner child! try some of these.

buy yourself something small

Whether it’s flowers, chocolates, or even a cup of coffee, you deserve to get yourself a little gift.

give love to others

And finally, make time to appreciate the relationships you value most in your life. Call a family member and tell them you love them. Grab dinner with your roommate. Have your friends over for a movie night. Whatever it is, make sure to show the people you love how much you love them!

Amrita Kumar

Endicott '25

Hi, I'm Amrita and I'm a Digital Journalism major at Endicott! As well as writing for Her Campus, I love music, art, journaling, watching Netflix, baking, and going on walks!
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