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Barrettes have been a trend for awhile now, but have recently become popular since more people have been wearing them to keep their hair back and for accessorizing! Barrettes come in a wide array of colors and sizes. 

Glossy Lips

Glossy lips have always been a trend but it’s become more popular to wear lip gloss nowadays with brands like Glossier, Mac Cosmetics, etc. The glossy lips can be clear, holographic, or even colored!


Overalls are comfy whether they are shorts or full length overalls. But not as many people wear overalls as they used to in the 1990s or 80s. They’re mostly worn in the spring or summer time!

Tiny Sunglasses

Tiny cat eye sunglasses are popular now as well. Celebrities like Kendall and Kylie Jenner wear this trend a lot!

Scarf Tops

Scarf tops were a very popular trend in the 90s, people wear scarf tops because they are unique and cute.

My name is Carolyn Crimmins I was raised in Westford, MA. I am currently studying Digital Media at Endicott College in Beverly MA. I am passionate about art
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