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Snow Days When You Don’t Have the Comfort of Home

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You get the dreaded alert, “Snow emergency declared Stage 1 in effect”. Every college student races to move their car to somewhere acceptable, and even better somewhere covered. The forecast has been warning of immense amounts of snow and you’re already thinking about how you’re gonna spend the day huddled inside. There are a few ways as a college student, to make snow days just as comforting as they were in high school. 

Meal Prep

While it may be hard when you don’t have your own ride, meal prepping for a storm can be the perfect sense of comfort. While Trader Joes will always remain the epitome of snow day snacks, stores such as Target, Stop & Shop, Whole Foods, or practically any store that sells an abundance of food are a perfect place to stock up. Listed below are some of my favorite snow day comfort snacks. 

  • Hot Cocoa: Need I say more… Milk chocolate will do but feel free to go crazy with flavored ones like peppermint, salted caramel or dark chocolate for a warm hug in a mug. 
  • Pre-made latte: Starbucks offers an abundance of pre-made espresso treats such as cold brews, lattes, medium roasts and frappuccinos. These are great to store in the fridge and even better in case of a loss of power and no access to the Keurig. 
  • Breakfast danish: Choose any, pick your favorite! A yummy, sweet treat to start your morning can help lift your spirits as you gaze out the cold, dark window.
  • Cheese & Crackers: A go to party snack, easily shareable, and filling, cheese and cracker platters can make for a simple lunch or afternoon pickup. 
  • Pasta or Soup recipes: With a kitchen nearby, cooking can be a fun activity to pass the time spent inside. Pinterest or Facebook can be a great start for simple, delicious, and warm dinners that can keep you out of bed for a few hours. No kitchen? Don’t stress! There are tons of pre-made dinners that can be heated up in the microwave and taste just as delicious. 


While a snow day means time off to many, course work can be a great way to kill an hour or two and stay on top of your game for the following week as well. Additionally, spending the time doing some work that may keep you in on other days could open up your schedule midweek for time with friends or signing up for events on campus. 

Health & Wellness 

If all else fails, self care can be a great time filler and relaxation technique to prepare for the week ahead and what better time than a snow day to do so!

  • Take a shower
  • Do an in-depth facial cleanse 
  • Paint your nails 
  • Do some laundry 
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Watch a new series/ film
  • Browse an online magazine
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