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8 Inspiring Instagram Accounts to Follow

It is common for me to get discouraged while scrolling through my Instagram feed. I see girls who look absolutely flawless in every single picture they post and old friends who are having the time of their lives at college. As a way to simultaneously “stay in the loop” and maintain a healthy level of self-confidence, I decided to follow some inspiring Instagram accounts. Listed below are all of my favorite accounts that are sure to add some positivity to your feed.

1. @quotesbychristie

I absolutely love the incredibly-thoughtful quotes that are posted on this page.

2. @wetheurban

This is an amazing account that succeeds at supporting inclusivity and self-love.

3. @IAMhayleykaye

This page shares reminders related to self-compassion.

4. @MORGAnharpernichols

I am obsessed with this account because it has the most beautiful digital artwork.

5. @theopeninvite

This account is unique for sharing empowering quotes on signs in public.


I love how this account focuses on promoting self-care for those who are mentally struggling

7. @sophia.joan.short

The aesthetic posts on this account feature positive poems and quotes for girls of all ages.

8. @positvelypresent

The seasonal posts on this account are sure to brighten your feed and reassure you that everything will be okay.

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