5 Ways to De-Stress the Old Fashioned Way

Although it may be tempting to curl up in a blanket and watch re-runs of your favorite show on Netflix after a long day of classes, or scroll through social media in an attempt to get your mind off that upcoming exam, sometimes turning to technology isn’t the best option. Here is a list of five easy things you can do to de-stress that won’t require the use of phones or laptops:

  1. 1. Write a Hand Written Letter

    I am a sucker for stationary, and writing letters to friends back home or even friends in college is a great way to stay in touch! You can send birthday cards, holiday greetings, or even just a letter to say hello – with a chance to receive something in return! Making your friends happy and anticipating a letter in the mail are two instant mood-boosters.

  2. 2. Check Out "Late Night Low Cal"

    Almost every Friday and/or Saturday night, Lower Callahan, our on-campus community space, hosts activities for students who want to converse with friends in a low-stress environment. So far, the events they’ve hosted are Mini Canvas Paint Night, Indoor BBQ, Dorm Décor, and DIY School Supplies. Check Endicott’s Events Calendar to stay up-to-date on what’s coming next!

  3. 3. Organize Your Schedule

    If you’re feeling overwhelmed with tests and upcoming project deadlines, take out your planner / calendar and figure out the dates you’re going home to visit family, or any potential days in the future you could have a friend stay overnight in the dorm. Knowing these plans weeks in advance will leave you something to look forward to.

  4. 4. Read / Write for Yourself

    If you’re like me and you enjoy reading for fun, this may be a great way to take your mind off what’s stressing you. If reading isn’t your thing, try writing – whether it’s an organizational to-do list, or a creative poem, or the rough draft of a story, getting your thoughts out on paper is a very helpful strategy for relieving tension.

  5. 5. Take a Walk and Reflect

    We live on the most beautiful campus, and it would be a waste not to appreciate it! If you have a free period in-between classes and need to take a temporary break from homework, simply taking a walk around the lakes or by the beach can be really peaceful and relaxing, weather permitting of course.