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5 Reasons Why You Should Vote

5 Reasons Why You Should Vote


November 6th is quickly approaching us and it is time for the midterm elections. Now, this may not seem all that important to some of you but the midterm elections are extremely important. I am not a super political person at all, but I know that it is important to vote when it is going to be impacting my life and future. I wasn’t 18 yet when the presidential election was happening, but year I can finally vote in the midterms and I am 100% going to. We are all college students, so odds are we are old enough to vote, here are some reasons why you should:


  1. You should care about politics. Obviously, politics are not for everyone but people in politics are betting on you not to care. If you don’t vote them out, then they can keep doing what they are doing, even if it’s really bad. The people who are super passionate about voting can keep people in power who may not have everyone’s best interests in mind because you and other people who “don’t care” are letting them.


  1. Support people that represent your wants / needs. This year, there are more women, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and first-time candidates running for office than ever before. In the past, politicians may not have been representative of populations but that can change! You have the opportunity to elect people who may understand your rights as a woman, or as someone in the LGBTQ+ community. You can vote for people who will fight for what you want and what you deserve politically. You can change the face of politics, so why not try to?


  1. Your vote DOES matter. Election results can be so close that if the people who think their vote doesn’t matter actually went and filled out a ballot the results could be soo different. There are people, typically older generations, who will go and vote at every single election. These people may not feel the same way on issues as you do. If you believe in keeping politics up to date with what’s going on with society then why let someone who doesn’t understand today’s society pick who is in office? If you wouldn’t let your grandparents pick out your clothes, then why let them pick who’s going to determine your future?


  1. Midterm elections can be more important than presidential elections. Yes, I did just say that. The reason? Well, this year 36 states are picking a new governor, and every single spot in the House of Representatives is on the ballot. Fill these spots who care about the same things that you do! This is a super exciting election and there is so much change that can happen if you go and vote!


  1. There are people in and running for office that don’t believe that women should be getting paid equally to men. There are people in and running for office that don’t believe anything needs to be done about schools getting shot up. There are people in and running for office that don’t believe the minimum wage should be raised. I think that’s reason enough why you should vote but regardless; educate yourself on who is running for office so you can vote out the bad and bring in the good. Google it up. Find the people who share the same values as you.

Bridget LaSelva

Endicott '21

Education Major at Endicott College
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