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5 Black-Owned Businesses You Can Support Right Now

Shea Shea Bakery Skincare


When I discovered this shop in the summer I was blown away! They have candles disguised as desserts and skincare products that smell heavenly! They have everything from a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough shower scrub to a Milk N’ Cookies signature candle. I highly recommend this shop if you love skincare, bath & body products, and candles! The owner’s name is Sara and she has a background in interior design, jewelry making, DIY hobbies, baking, and skincare!



I can definitely see why this Etsy shop has five stars! This shop has the cutest notebooks and accessories. The notebooks promote inspiring messages and are the perfect accessory for promoting women empowerment. I can’t pick one as my favorite because they are all amazing! The owner of this shop is Ariel and she created this shop with her mother back in 2017. This is such a unique and cute shop!



If you love jewelry, you have to check out this five-star shop. This shop has a mixture of vintage and modern rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. The pieces are breathtaking, and you can tell they were made with every detail in mind. The mix between vintage and modern helps make sure that there is a piece of jewelry for everyone. If you have a friend’s birthday coming up this is the perfect place to get their gift. The owner is Tasha Hussey and she studied fashion design!



This is the perfect shop for all my fellow art lovers! This shop is the epitome of creativity. You can easily see that the artist puts her heart into making this artwork. She also has amazing prices for the quality of work! I love her piece called “sitting on the dock!” The owner is Karina Daniel Parris and her Instagram is @lovelyearthlings



 This shop has the cutest masks to help you get through this pandemic! Not only are the masks super cute, but they also sell beautiful earrings. The earrings are all named after someone so you may even find one that matches your name! My favorite one is “The Zoe.” This shop has been on Etsy since 2008. The owner’s name is Meena Osei-Kuffour!

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