25 signs you're a College Student

College students are truly a different species all in their own way. Here's just a few things we do:

1) You've mastered watching Netflix and listening to a lecture all at the same time.

2) Getting ready in the dark because you're running late? Check.

3) You've worn the same outfit at least four times in a row

4) You've given up caring how you look when going to class.

5) You pray every night December-February that it'll snow so classes get cancelled.

6) "Hit me, I dare you," you say as you cross the street and a car approaches.

7) Debating if it's really worth it to buy that textbook.

8) You've mastered the art of studying until 2 am the night before an exam and still get an A.

9) Waking up each morning and debating if you can skip class or not.

10) The stab you feel when the professor says the word limit for a paper.

11) Midterm season makes you want to clock out, finals season is even worse.

12) Second semester is the worst semester.

13) Christmas break is never long enough, even if it is a month long.

14) Holding your breath after walking up stairs so no one knows how out of shape you are.

15) Your greatest achievement is finishing all 9 seasons of a show in a single weekend.

16) Passing the gym every day saying tomorrow will be the day you start going.

17) Refreshing your email before a class just to make sure you didn't miss the “class is cancelled” email.

18) Submitting a paper right as it's due.

19) For commuters: silence on the drive to campus, music blasting as you're leaving.

20) Avoiding 8 ams like the plague.

21) You use Rate My Professor as you walk into the class for the first time.

22) Free is your favorite word.

23) Naps are always on your list of things to do for that day.

24) You know that your study guide will never contain everything that will be on the exam.

25) You spend all your money on food and retail therapy.