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Fall is one of my favorite seasons. Some of my favorite fall fashion trends include trench coats, cute boots, and scarves! Here are ten outfits that will make you feel confident, stylish and ready to take on the fall season. Fall is one of my favorite seasons. Some of my favorite fall fashion trends include trench coats, cute boots, and scarves! Here are ten outfits that will make you feel confident, stylish and ready to take on the fall season. 

Sweater Dress with Thigh High Boots

A signature trend for fall is sweater dresses. They are a simple way to dress up while also being comfy! Pair a grey sweater dress with a dark lipstick color and black thigh high boots for an outfit that will make you stand out. Perfect to wear on girls night out! 

Plain Shirt with a Plaid Scarf, Dark Blue Jeans, and Ankle Boots 

A plaid scarf is the perfect fall accessory you can use to dress up a plain shirt! A pair of dark blue jeans can accent the plaid scarf, and tan ankle booties will contrast with the jeans to make your outfit complete. Wear this on hay rides or to go pumpkin picking so that you can take super cute Insta pics!

Neutral Toned Jumpsuits 


I love jumpsuits because they make it seem like you put a lot of effort into an outfit. Jumpsuits can be cute and casual or they can be dressy. Specifically, for those warmer fall days, neutral toned jumpsuits are a must in your wardrobe. Some jumpsuits can also be paired with a denim jacket. Neutral tones are the way to go because they are fitting for fall rather than floral print or bright colors. This is a good outfit for a lunch date with your best friends!

Shirt with a Vest with Leggings and Hunter Boots

A vest is an essential piece of clothing for every girl during fall because it’s comfortable. Pairing a vest with a long sleeve shirt and leggings is the ultimate lazy day outfit! A pair of Hunter boots that match your vest will make this outfit pop. My personal favorite Hunter boots are the red ones! 

Fall Graphic Tee with Leggings / Light Washed Jeans and Sperry Duck Boots

If you love graphic tees, this is the outfit for you! These tees are a unique way to showcase your love for fall. Light washed jeans or leggings pair best with these tees. Sperry Duck boots fit almost every casual outfit and they are very durable. This outfit is ideal for a full day of running errands.

Sweater and a Skirt

Sweaters are one of the most common fall trends. One way to dress them up is to pair it with a skirt. You can wear the skirt with tights and ankle booties or no tights and a thigh high boot. This outfit is best for early fall days when it is not cold outside. 

Trench Coat over a Black Bodysuit with Black Jeans and Heeled Boots

A trench coat is a statement that can add an extra spark to an outfit. A tan trench coat over a black bodysuit and black jeans with sneakers is a unique pairing that will look super chic on a day out in the city. At night, pair this outfit with heeled boots and it will be perfect for date night. 

Olive Colored Jacket over a Black and White Striped Shirt with Jeans and Dark Brown Knee High Boots

This outfit is full of classic fall trends. An olive colored jacket is a staple item for fall that correlates well with a black and white striped shirt. Jeans and dark brown knee high boots can complete this outfit. This is a comfortable and cute outfit that will show off your love for fall trends. This outfit is ideal for a casual school day. 

Orange Shirt or Sweater with White Ripped Jeans with Neutral Toned Flats

Orange is such a popular color for the fall season. Instead of typical blue jeans, trying pair an orange shirt or sweater with white ripped jeans. The white jeans will make the orange pop and you will look like you are ready for fall. Substitute the fall boots for neutral toned flats. This outfit is perfect for taking pictures outside in the fall environment. 

Animal Print Bodysuit with Black Jeans and Heeled Boots

Whether it be the classic leopard print or the newest trend of snakeskin, an animal print bodysuit is the way to go if you are going to a late night party this fall! Black jeans match with most animal prints. Pairing this with black heeled boots will give you a boost of confidence and make the outfit complete.

Hi! My name is Liv. I am a marketing communications/advertising major. I love fashion and music. I also love spending time at the beach!
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