Zoe Eisenstein

Name: Zoe Eisenstein

Year: 2021

Hometown: Sea Cliff, NY

Extracurriculars: Young Democrats of Emory, TEDxEmory, Emory Club Field Hockey, The Emory Spoke

5 words to describe me: Motivated, Passionate, Sarcastic, Involved, Put-together


What sparked your interest in Young Democrats of Emory?

I have always cared about issues of social inequality. I read a book called Dark Money by Jane Mayer my senior year of high school and I became really interested in turning my passion into actionable political change, so I applied for Young Dems at the beginning of freshman year thinking that could help me become more directly involved.  In my application and interview I let them know that, although I didn't have experience on a political campaign, I wanted to turn my passion into political change and I was ready to learn how. And I got the position, which I did learn a lot from. I've since worked on a campaign and now I'm going into my second year on exec of Young Dems.

What issue are you most passionate about?

For me, this changes depending on what issues are most relevant, but currently I'm very focused on voting rights and the importance of voting. Midterm elections are coming up quickly and we're so lucky to have the right to vote - everyone should exercise it. It truly is our civic duty to vote in every election we can.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I'm not entirely sure yet, which I think is okay! I definitely want to be involved in politics in some way, but I don't see myself running for office. All I can hope for in 5 years is that I'm happy and still traveling a lot!

How have you made an impact on campus?

As a team, the Young Democrats executive board has registered a lot of voters in the past year. I'm extremely proud of us for this and so glad that Emory students, regardless of their party (we register everyone!) are willing and ready to vote and be engaged in our political system.