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Your Perfect Summer Outfit: The Sundress

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Emory chapter.

Ok ladies, school may be back in session, but I think we all know that summer heat just isn’t on its way out yet. At the same time, your hectic work, study and extracurricular schedule isn’t going to let up before the weather does. How can you possibly have time to plan out a perfectly coordinated outfit every day of the week that transitions seamlessly from the hotlanta heat to the air-conditioned classroom?

Unless you are the most impeccable multi-tasker, or just have the incredible ability to stick with the first thing you try on in the morning (I am not one of these people), then the best thing you can do is simplify. What’s the easiest piece of your wardrobe to transition from summer to fall? Let me introduce you to the casual sundress.

This versatile piece could be solid, printed, bright or neutral in color. It could be bold or more conservative. It could be loose and flowing, body conscious and figure flattering, high/low, short or even maxi. With whatever style you are most comfortable, pair it with flats or sandals for a cool and casual vibe like Alexandria Mitchell.

Alexandria pairs this high-low coral sundress with white accessories and casual neutral sandals. She exudes that “salty hair, just rolled in from the beach” vibe, while adding just enough sophistication (and a punk-cool studded black backpack!) to take it to class.

Sarah Chambers has a different, more classic take on the sundress. In this conservative white and black polka-dot piece, Sarah could easily be walking around campus with friends, meeting a professor, or going to work. Knowing that the classrooms would most likely be cold, Sarah planned ahead and brought along a light cardigan—super ideal for the awkward transition from summer to fall weather. And let’s be honest—black and white: so classy. Kate Spade anyone?

Even one of our very own Her Campus Emory fashion writers Elaina Kim flaunts this casual sunflower yellow dress.  

Looking forward, for those days when it starts to get chilly (I know, we aren’t QUITE there yet), transitioning to fall is as simple as picking a couple key pieces to add and layer:

-Opaque tights

-Short ankle boots (or booties!)

-Jacket: casual bomber, leather jacket, jean jacket, or comfy cardigan

Mix and match and get creative! 

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