Will Russo, Co-Captain of Karma Bhangra

Meet Will Russo, Co-Captain of Emory’s own Karma Bhangra dance team! Will is a senior at Emory from New York City majoring in Linguistics with a minor in Arabic. This year, Will is also a legislator on SGA and an Orientation Leader. Read on to learn more about Will and Karma Bhangra!


HCE (Her Campus Emory): What is Karma Bangra?


WR (Will Russo): Karma is Emory's only co-ed Bhangra team. We perform the traditional style of Bhangra, which originates from the Punjab region of India, with occasional hip-hop influences.


HCE: What is your role as co-captain?


WR: As a co-captain, I work with the other captains to choreograph, coordinate and run practices, and plan performance dates and events.


HCE: How did you get involved with the group?


WR: I joined the group last year kind of on a whim. I had performed my freshman year with another team but was no longer a member of that group. I missed having opportunities to dance and perform, so I decided to join a new team. While watching Karma perform, I just had a feeling that I would be good at it, so I tried out.


HCE: What’s your favorite part about Karma?


WR: I love the style of dance because it is naturally very energetic and powerful, but it is also challenging, which makes me feel awesome when I finally get the moves down. I love performing in front of an audience because that is when everything comes together. We spend so much time practicing and preparing for those moments so I try to make them last as long as I can.



HCE: When did you start dancing?


WR: I've danced throughout my life informally, but I only joined a dance team when I came to college.


HCE: Are you involved in other dance groups?


WR: As a freshman I was a member of the Brotherhood of Afrocentric Men (BAM), the all-male step team for first year students. I learned much of what I know about performing, organization, and time management from my involvement with BAM, and I formed many great friendships that have lasted throughout college. I have so much love for that team.


HCE: When is Karma's next show?


WR: Tamasha, our big competition of the fall, is coming up on October 31 and will be hosted at Georgia Tech. We will also be performing at ICE Diwali the following weekend on November 7.


HCE: How can we keep up with Karma Bhangra?


WR: You can follow us on Facebook here and on Instagram @emorykarmabhangra!