Why Relationship Labels Don't Matter

Single, talking, dating, and friends with benefits are just a few of the many labels given to people in relationships. Why is it that we are always so intent on defining all of our interactions, and why does everyone have to know about it? If I’m single, I shouldn't have to explain to anyone why I’m not dating, and if you're in a relationship you shouldn't have to justify to anyone why you are. If someone just wants something casual it’s their own prerogative. We live in a world that revolves around social media, nothing is private anymore with all information only a click away. I’m not going to lie and say I’m never curious or that I never offer my own two cents. I, like most college students, appreciate some gossip every once in a while or indulging in my friend’s stories about their relationships and their lives.

School isn't the only place where people are invested in your relationship status. When you return home, one of the most common inquiries from family is an update on “any new guys”? Yes, dad, I’m still single. No, grandma, do not expect great-grandkids anytime soon. When my brother had his first girlfriend my grandma made a point to say how Seth “beat me to it” and proceeded to pry about when I was planning on having a boyfriend.  We are at a point where it seems like it's about time start getting our lives together— we have to start thinking about the future, grad school, a career, buying a house, and inevitably a relationship. While I'd like to think that I have tons of time before I have to worry about these things, they are still constantly on my mind.

In regards to relationships, everyone is different and one shouldn’t compare where they are in their life or their relationships to those around them. I personally am not the kind of person who needs to be with someone all the time, I love having ‘me time’, being able to schedule things around myself, and not have to worry about a significant other.  However, there are also people who enjoy being with someone else, having someone to rely on and in turn rely on them. They may be able to see themselves with the same person 10 years down the line, or might not be able to see themselves making it through the month. College is for: just doing you, growing, and finding yourself, whether it’s with or without a significant other by your side. While there may seem to be a lot of pressure to be in a relationship, it really doesn’t matter. I have come to realize that in most cases you are the person who knows what is best for you and you have to make those decisions for yourself. So while the future is looming, take the time now to just enjoy where you’re at, who you’re with, and don’t stress about the rest.