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What to Wear in Pre-Fall!

Being from New England, I find it difficult to dress for Atlanta falls. In Massachusetts, I can wear corduroys and cardigans in dark greens and maroons starting in September and I look forward to going apple picking. At Emory, it is still in the 80s until October and I look forward to the next music festival. One question has plagued my wardrobe since freshman year – how do I wear temperature-appropriate clothing but still stay true to the fall season color palette and feeling? In case any others are struggling with this dilemma, I have outlined a few simple outfit ideas to beat the heat but remain seasonal!

1) Wear a summer maxi dress with a jean jacket, denim oxford, or long cardigan and pair it with a scarf and fun jewelry. You are still wearing summer clothing, but in a sensible way!

2) Pair bright colored jeans with a sweater and flats. You get the colorful aspect of summer with the textures of fall.

3) You can also wear jean or khaki shorts with flats, a button-down Oxford, and a blazer for prep school chic that works for all seasons.

4) Your favorite light summer t-shirt doesn’t have to be packed up just yet! Wear it with a long skirt and a sweater with a belt and get the best of both seasons.

5) This in-between season time period is ideal for mixing and matching pieces you never thought you could! A sundress with a blazer? A short skirt with a bulky sweater? Colored jeans with a nautical shirt? Have fun!

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