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What Does Your Choice in Candles Say About You?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Emory chapter.

First of all, how many candles do you have?

None: You have no need for frivolous niceties such as scented candles and throw pillows. They just end up being more things you have to move in and out of your dorm room come the end of the semester. 

1-5: You enjoy living in a cozy space, and you have no problem buying a few candles to fill your apartment with warm light and soothing scents.

5-10: You love candles, and everyone knows it. Sure, you may have bought yourself around half of those candles, but the rest came from your friends in the form of birthday gifts, since they know of your love for those decorative, waxy goldmines.  

+10: You either have an unhealthy obsession with making your living quarters smell like a cupcake or you mentioned to your grandma once that you like candles, so now she gets you a candle for every holiday and you can’t use them fast enough.



All right, now generally, what scent category do your candles fall under?

Sugary (Vanilla, Dessert Scents, etc.): If you like your candles like you like your cupcakes, it means that you want your living space to be as pretty as possible. Your bed and living room couch are probably covered in throw pillows, and you might even have freshly baked cookies cooling on the windowsill.  

Flowery: People who have flowery candles are very similar to those who like sugary candles. They want their apartments to be happy and bright, but maybe they spend a little bit more time in the great outdoors than the Sugary Candle people.

Spicy: If you favor candles with notes of cinnamon, currant, bergamot, or maybe even black pepper, then you have a little more edge to your personality. Your dorm room décor is probably very modern and angular with shiny silver, copper, and gold finishes. 

Clean: If you prefer a light, fresh smelling candle, it means you enjoy life’s simplicities. While you see the value in lighting a scented candle in your apartment, you usually choose one that will refresh the room without being an obvious presence. 

Lastly, what kinds of containers do your candles live in?

No Container: Whether your candles sit flat on your desk or you have a little plate from your kitchen sitting between your dining table and the melted wax, it means you take a generally relaxed approach to life. Your apartment might not be impeccably furnished, and you might have a few loads of laundry you’ve been meaning to get to, but you lit a candle and now your apartment smells nice.

Candle Stand: Displaying your candles on top of candle stands, whether they’re wooden or medal, rustic or shiny and new, displays a love for the classics. You appreciate candles for their appearance, and what better way to display them but on a platform made specifically for their use?

Glass: Keeping your candles in a glass container means that you are practical, but you still appreciate the appearance of the candle. The glass container serves the function of wax-collector while simultaneously displaying the candle for all to see.

Elaborately Decorated Tin: The people who keep their candles in elaborately decorated tins are up to date with the current trends. They probably do yoga, have a potted plant or two in their apartment, and dress comfortable-chic.



Hong Kong born and raised, Manishka is widely known for two things – her clumsiness and her ability to spend hours laughing at her own jokes! When she’s not busy trying to find out how she got her latest bruise, she can usually be found eating an avocado, while re-watching Gossip Girl for the 6th…no… 7th time! Her hobbies include raiding the fridge, stalking Doug the Pug on Instagram and trying to find out the secret ingredient in Krabby Patties.