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Music has always been a huge part of my life and still is. I don’t play any instruments, nor do I sing (although my mom still thinks I should), but I am always listening to music. Whether I’m having a dance party with my roommate, studying for finals, or just needing an escape, music is always there. As my fellow Spotify users know, “Wrapped 2019” just came out, and I’m sure you’ve seen the screenshots of everyone’s top artists and songs all over your Instagram stories. If you need some new recommendations, this article is for you!! Because it’s the holiday season, think of it as a mini-advent calendar for music: a new song for every day of the week!! 


Song: Glitter

Artist: BENEE

Monday’s suck. Everyone knows this. If you’re feeling stressed about finals, or just tired of the weather, this song is perfect! It’s super groovy and the artist is a really dope 19-year-old New Zealand singer. This song makes me want to dance and wear a long glittery dress and basically ignore my responsibilities :)


Song: North

Artist: Clairo

If you’re good at multitasking, this song is good for finals studying. It’s soft enough that you won’t be distracted by any loud instruments but it has such a lovely sound, and I just really love Clairo’s voice. 


Song: Crumble

Artist: Kevin Abstract

If you know me at all, you know I am a huge Brockhampton fan. While I love their music, I don’t find it to be the best for studying, as it is better to dance to. Kevin Abstract, their lead singer, released a solo album “Arizona Baby” a few months ago. The vibe is super chill, but still full of emotion and meaningful lyrics. This song is a little emo, which is perfect because Wednesday’s are kind of irrelevant, and feel like the week is dragging on forever. If you have time, listen to his other songs too; they’re all so good!


Song: I Know My Role 

Artist: Nic Nim

I may be a little biased, as Nic Nim is my best friend, but this song SLAPS. It’s all about female empowerment and not letting a guy “stick you in the kitchen” so-to-speak. It’s groovy, and great for getting you in the mood to go out because everyone knows Thursday’s are the start of the weekend! 


Song: Watermelon Sugar

Artist: Harry Styles

Show me a single person who doesn’t like Harry Styles, I dare you. He’s become a musical and style icon of our generation, and this single does not disappoint! It’s the perfect song to belt at a pregame with all your friends and puts you in a fun and flirty mood before going out. This song as a super 70’s vibe to it, and is a refreshing break from the very boring sound of pop music nowadays. 


Song: Summertime in Paris

Artist: Jaden

Siblings Jaden and Willow Smith teamed up to create this beautiful masterpiece that is a blessing to the ears. It’s a slow-tempo song that makes you feel super nostalgic and makes you wish you were watching a sunset in a romantic city with a mysterious boy, rather than in the library on your 10th hour of studying for finals. If you need a little mental break from work, listen to this song while looking through photos of your summer, reminiscing on being tan and care-free. 


Song: Feeling Lonely

Artist: boy pablo 

I had never heard of boy pablo before until this song popped up on my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify. While the name sounds depressing, this song is surprisingly upbeat and has great instrumentals. The lyrics are, in fact, about missing someone, but the cheery music makes it seem like everything will be fine! This is a great reminder that while finals are extremely stressful, break is right around the corner, and we’ll all be fine! 

Hong Kong born and raised, Manishka is widely known for two things – her clumsiness and her ability to spend hours laughing at her own jokes! When she’s not busy trying to find out how she got her latest bruise, she can usually be found eating an avocado, while re-watching Gossip Girl for the 6th…no… 7th time! Her hobbies include raiding the fridge, stalking Doug the Pug on Instagram and trying to find out the secret ingredient in Krabby Patties.
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