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Ways to Improve the Look of Your Lashes

Recently, it can feel hard to keep up with all the new beauty trends that are constantly emerging around us. We’ve all been there: we’re looking for the perfect mascara to complete our make up routine. But, in a rush, we’ve ended up picking up the wrong color at the store, only to be getting ready for a night out and feeling helpless as we debate running to CVS to grab a new one. However, the newest trends are fake eyelashes and eyelash extensions and they are everywhere, ready to resolve this problem for good! While this trend may seem like a bit much, rumor has it that these are easily accessible and can give you that improved look you’ve been searching for. 

Fake eyelash sales have been on the rise since 2012; in fact, the market for fake eyelashes has grown 75% in the past five years. Women love eyelashes because they’re said to elongate the shape of the eye, helping you showcase your pretty eye color even that much more. Fake lashes can help make your lashes look fuller, longer and also darker.

Lashes can be found for sale all over Amazon, in pharmacies, salons and beauty stores. There are all different kinds including, cruelty-free lashes, reusable lashes, human hair lashes, synthetic mink ones and real mink ones. You can go to a boutique makeup store and purchase lashes for around $20 or go to CVS and find them for as cheap as $4 — take your pick. Like many beauty products, there are price options for all budgets, making them an easy choice for any type of consumer. While some people just use these fake lashes for special occasions, many women are becoming heavy users and wearing them more frequently. Fake lashes have even been described as an “addicting look,” that consumers want to try again and again.

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Additionally, eyelash extensions have become another popular alternate to mascara. These can be applied by a technician at a salon or in a makeup store. Usually, they use glue and tweezers to ensure the lashes are put in the perfect place to keep your natural look. This process generally takes around an hour and a half, but can be very relaxing.

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Unfortunately, sometimes the extensions will fall out at varying times, making your picture perfect look a little disappointing. It is generally most popular to get these extensions for special occasions. Yet, after many women get these extensions for a special occasion, they feel as though they are in need of this “luscious look” all of the time. Thus, the business is booming; people cannot stop going back for more. 

Some super interesting trends in this area have popped up, including light up lashes. For those going to events, themed parties or just looking for a different change, lashes even come in colors including pink, red, blue, white, yellow, and green. Some lashes even sparkle and flash in a dance mode. With this look, you would be guaranteed to be the star of any party!

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So, if you are struggling with the appearance of your lashes, are tired of your mascara or just want to try something new for your makeup routine, do not hesitate to check out these beauty trends. Your new lashes could make all the difference!

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