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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Emory chapter.

Relationships are forms of connections between people, and college is one of the most significant times to make these bonds. In your career here, you will be exposed to a plethora of different associations, both small and large, that help to shape your experiences.

Your main squad 

Of course you have your squad. They are the people that will eat pizza and watch Gossip Girl with you at two in the morning, when you should really be studying for that Biology exam. These are the people who make you laugh uncontrollably in the worst places, and are your shoulders to cry on when you need it most. This type of relationship is precious, because you know that they are helping you grow as an individual and bringing out every good quality in you.

Your significant boo

Every person’s type, definition, and number of significant others in college can be extremely versatile. But, the one thing that each have in common is a development inside you. We begin to learn a little more about ourselves with each person we consider to be a partner, whether for a long time or just a few hours. We start to understand ~feelings~ that can take shape into something that is more mature than what we experienced in high school.

Your class buddy

This person has sat beside you in every confusing lecture, stressful exam, and was beside you in all your struggling moments. You have shared the best and worst times together in this class. They are basically your rock. So when they don’t show up to class one day, you feel betrayed, because they left you to fend for yourself. These relationships are bitter-sweet, because you do develop a connection with them, and would actually love to hang with them outside of the classroom, but your schedules and days don’t match up. They will always have a piece of your academic heart.

Your coffee dealer

You don’t even have to say anything, and they already know your order. This bond is key to any dozy morning and makes the day more manageable. Even though the relationship is unspoken, it is fully understood by your loyal customer status. They make your day, and life, just a bit brighter with a smile and an order.



Never underestimate having a good relationship with your Professors/TA’s. These relationships are profound and impactful on your academic life, and also larger issues, such as career. Most students unsure of life after college rely on professor advising, and use those conversations to inspire goals for themselves.

Every relationship you develop, whether professional or emotional, will help you grow as an individual. These are the years when you are not only figuring out what type of person you want to be, but what you will do to achieve that.T